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Convite Esencial

Convite Esencial is produced by mezcalero Cosme Hernández and his brother Daniel in the beautiful mountains of San Baltazar Guelavila, Oaxaca.

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Brand:Convite Mezcal
Mezcalero:Cosme "Tucho" Hernandez, Daniel Hernandez
Town:San Baltazar Guélavila
Age of plant:8 years
About this mezcal

Convite Esencial is the entry point for the full Convite lineup. It’s made with agave Espadin, however it is cut to 38% ABV, making this much lighter than all of the other mezcals in the Convite lineup. Aside from the lower ABV, this mezcal is produced like all the others in the lineup, with the agave cooked in an underground pit oven, milled by a horse-drawn tahona, naturally fermented with spring water, and double distilled in a copper alembic still.

Convite Mezcal

Mezcal Convite is an artisanal mezcal from San Baltazar Guelavila. It is made in the traditional way, without any accelerators or added flavors, using the highest quality ingredients. The production is made in small, exclusive lots. They are a Oaxacan-owned company.

2 reviews

2.5 out of 5



378 reviews
2 months ago

Not something I’d consider “essential” to try. Smelled a little bit like cough syrup when I first opened the mini-bottle. Overall not a lot of aromas. Not repugnant, just not much flavor. Maybe good for a mezcal newbie. Very light on the palate. Faint notes of lemon-lime water, brine, and unripe green plants. I prefer the other offerings from Convite over this. Lot DC010.



18 reviews
3 months ago

Batch DC006 … Dry wood roast on the nose. Clean and smooth on the palate. This is Convite’s bar-friendly cocktail Espadín, watered down to proof (40 AbV). $40usd

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