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Koch Espadin

Koch Espadin has sweet, fruity tones and a light taste of coconut mixed with herbs and spices. It’s made with 100% farm-grown agave Espadin.

Rating: (8 reviews)
Brand:Koch Mezcal
Mezcalero:Pedro Hernandez
Town:San Baltazar Guélavila
Age of plant:7 years
About this mezcal

Koch Espadin is made with 100% farm-grown agave Espadin in San Baltazar. This mezcal is made by mezcalero Pedro Hernandez. It has sweet, fruity tones and a light taste of coconut mixed with herbs and spices.

Koch Mezcal

Grupo Koch emerged in 2009 as a project to promote traditional mezcal, developing a business profile one year later for the Koch brand. The brand sees their mezcal as liquid art. They promote mezcals that is produced in a variety of different regions and those that are made using a variety of different production practices. Each batch will vary, so check your bottle for details.

8 reviews

4.4 of out 5 stars



4 reviews
4 months ago

very nice flavor and settle



4 reviews
5 months ago

Lote: MK014/16ESP
On the nose is banana and coconut. Very clean with taste of some sweetness to the espadÍn. Definitely some fruit flavors of banana and papaya.

9 months ago

First Mezcal, first love. Fruity sweetness on the nose. Some body and sweetness on the mouth. Coconut and herbs with smokiness that goes until the peppery finish. Great stuff for the price.

10 months ago

Delighted and surprised by this espadin. I picked up a chocolatey taste when sipped. And with grapefruit in a cocktail an excellent pairing. For the price point cannot be beat.



126 reviews
11 months ago

Well made, fresh, clean Espadin. A little salty, fruity, and floral. Frangipani flower, papaya, over-ripe banana, and brown sugar. A really nice Mezcal for the price.

1 year ago

Lotta veggies. Bell peppers, tomatillo, and slight jalapeno. Not much smoke. Solid espadin, great for the price. Finish is short and without any burn. Pleasant

1 year ago

Tried the last 7 batches.
This is consistency at its finest. Simply put, this is the best quality for price Mezcal you can find, period. The work of Pedro Hernandez is second to none, its versatility in the cocktail world is bound to make it the go to Mezcal or every bartender to be.
When the entry price of a brand is at the level of a most high end tasting Mezcal, you know you’ve set foot in the right place.
Simply amazing. Couldn’t recommend it more.



101 reviews
2 years ago

this is a bargain.i can purchase this locally for 35.00 and it is easily comparable to mezcals that cost twice as much.entry and mid has sweet fruit,bubble gum and slight smoke.finish is smooth as a babys butt.this is almost too easy to drink!very tasty and sweet.really great brand .

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