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Lagrimas de Dolores Sierreño

Lagrimas de Dolores Sierreño is a limited release from Durango, where there is a wide variety of agave that are not found in Oaxaca.

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Brand:Lagrimas de Dolores Mezcal
Mezcalero:Fabiola Ávila
About this mezcal

Lagrimas de Dolores Sierreño is made with maguey Sierreño (agave Wocomabi). The agave are roasted in an underground oven and mechanically milled. They are then fermented in open-air pine tanks and distilled in copper pot stills.

Lagrimas de Dolores Mezcal

Lagrimas de Dolores is made at Hacienda Dolores, which is run by the Gutierrez family and situated about 10 minutes from Durango City. They have a goal of replanting for each of the agave that they use in their mezcal. They report that they have an annual goal of planting around 50,000 agaves. Their bottle was designed in Feuquières, France. The leather on the cap is meant to be a signature feature from Mexican fine-horse culture. Their logo is a representation of Our Lady of Sorrows (latin: Mater Dolorosa) the patron saint of Hacienda Dolores. Their Joven and Anejo mezcal are produced entirely with Agave durangensis, which is endemic to the State of Durango in Northern Mexico. They also have special limited releases that feature rare agave like I'gok, Cimmarion, and Tepemete.

1 review

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1 month ago

Lot 1-W. Bottle 34. Aromas open up considerably in the glass. A bit hot on the nose with aromas of lead, slate, creosote, iodone, and gun powder. Also some sweet vanilla and Rambutan fruit aromas as well. The palate is super peppery. Flavors of freshly ground black peppercorns, jalapeno spice, and raw chalky minerals. There’s a floral, aromatic quality to this that is nice. Slightly men’s-cologne or aftershave in character. Hot but enjoyable.

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