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Las Perlas de Jalisco Costa

Las Perlas de Jalisco Raicilla de Costa is distilled by Maestro Raicillero Santiago Díaz Ramos using single-origin agave Verde (sp. Angustifolia) and agave Amarillo (sp. Rhodacantha).

Rating: (4 reviews)
Raicillero:Santiago Díaz Ramos
Agave:Amarillo, Verde
Grind:Hand, Shredder
Distillation:Copper, Steel
Town:Las Guásimas
Age of plant:12 years
Release year:2017
About this raicilla

Las Perlas de Jalisco Raicilla de Costa is distilled by Maestro Raicillero Santiago Díaz Ramos near Las Guásimas which is about 30 minutes north of El Tuito, the largest town in the Cabo Corrientes municipality of Jalisco, Mexico. This raicilla is made from single-origin agave Verde (sp. Angustifolia) and agave Amarillo (sp. Rhodacantha) grown for over 12 years on hilly, coastal terrain.

The agaves are cooked in a stone-lined underground pit that is sealed with clay. The following day, water is added to create steam. The total cook time is approximately 72 hours. The cooled agaves are chopped using sledge hammers and machetes in a wooden trough and are then run through a mechanical chipper. The fibers and resulting juices are fermented in a large masonry tanks along with spring water. Fermentation occurs over 20 or more days from wild airborne yeasts. It is first distilled in a 400 liter stainless steel pot still and the second distillation is in a smaller Higuera wood “Filipino” still with a copper top. The resulting raicilla is both floral and vegetal with notes of green pepper and melon. There are hints of salinity, minerality, and smoke.

4 reviews

4.1 of out 5 stars



332 reviews
4 months ago

Not the funky raicilla notes that I normally anticipate. This raicilla is very clean and balanced with delicate flavors. There is definitely some sour apple as other reviewers have noted. It is light mid-palate and has a lot of flavor on the backend. There is a bit of olive, dry white wine, fruit, and oak smoke. If you enjoy mezcal, this will be an easy transition into raicilla.



14 reviews
5 months ago

nose: bubble gum, cotton candy, baked agave, citrus, red berries, granny smith apple, pickle brine

palate: full, rich mouthfeel. again with the bubblegum, burnt stone, eucalyptus, popcorn. not incredibly complex, but definitely delicious.

medium finish with nice prickly heat. overall i love the nose and mouthfeel, and this almost borders on *too* easy to drink, in a good way.



62 reviews
6 months ago

Tried this in Tequila, MX. Don’t remember too many notes other than it wasn’t super cheesy funy, had an apple sweetness with touches of tobacco or some dry herbal note. It was approachable and the proof was very much in control, with complexity. Waiting for it to be in Texas so I can buy a bottle. Was very impressed.



347 reviews
6 months ago

Aromas of sweet agave, sour apples, strawberries, crayons, and ground nuts. Smells more like mezcal than a typical raicilla. The palate is light but leathery, smoky, and bit charred. There’s a charcoal flavor throughout this, like fresh non-burning charcoal.

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