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Los Cuerudos Tobala

Los Cuerudos Tobala has a wet and earthy flavor that is distinguished and smooth. Its aromas are citric and sweet on the nose.

About this mezcal

Los Cuerudos Tobala is produced in small batches due to the limited availability of the maguey Tobala that is used to make it. It has earthy flavor notes and sweet citric aromas. It’s made in Las Margaritas, which is mostly forested. Forest predominates the landscape and you can almost taste the wetness in the agave that is used to make this mezcal.

Los Cuerudos Mezcal

“Los Cuerudos” were an armed revolutionary group from the southern highlands of Oaxaca. They were named for their custom of wearing flashing leather jackets. Jorge Chagoya, the first link in the “Tradicion Chagoya” that includes Los Cuerudos and Donaji Mezcal, became the primary producer of mezcal in the region at age 17, and he joined the Los Cuerudos army to defend their lands from rival soldiers. Five generations later, his family still owns their land and they are still making mezcal. This is it.

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars6 years ago

Agave tobala is known for its creamy notes, which makes it pleasant to the palate and one of my favorite agaves. I had the opportunity to taste Los Cuerudos Tobala on my last trip to Oaxaca and it seemed extraordinary to me of all the brands that I have tried in this variety, since it has a fruity and fresh note which has to do with the soil where they have been planted these agaves since previously they sowed mangoes. highly recommended. #cheers

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