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Marca Negra Sanmartin

Marca Negra Sanmartin is made with agave Sanmartin in Ejutla, Oaxaca. It’s clean on the nose with rich texture on the palate.

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Brand:Marca Negra Mezcal
Mezcalero:Basilio Pacheco
ABV: 49.5%
Age of plant: 10-12 years
Website: http://www.marcanegra.com/
About this mezcal

Marca Negra Sanmartin is made with 100% estate-grown agave Sanmartin, which is a karwinskii agave similar to Cuishe and Cirial. This mezcal is produced by Basilio Pacheco in La Noria, Ejutla, Oaxaca. It has aromas of river bed clay, and clean flavor notes of cocoa beans, figs, hay, and moss. It carries a slight aftertaste of bananas and wild mint.

Marca Negra Mezcal

If a worthy expression of traditional Mezcal is to be found in the most remote village - be it in the Oaxacan Sierra, or the desert of Durango- Marca Negra will go there to make it available for you in its true, original form. Their bottles display specific information on their label, such as the type of agave it is made of, the mezcalero who produced it, the town it was produced in, and much more information. Their mezcal is typically higher ABV as they like to bottle mezcal at the same levels that their mezcaleros choose to enjoy them. Check your bottles for details about each specific batch. Mezcal PhD did a nice blog on these guys - Mezcal Marca Negra: Good Things Are Happening

We also visited one of their mezcaleros in 2018: Mezcal Marca Negra and Pacheco Family Mezcal

1 review

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14 reviews
9 months ago

This is from memory in Mexico a week ago. Spend a good portion of my day getting to know this bottle.
Bottle : 1501/1800

Nose : very closed at first but halfway through the bottle it became incredibly complex with layers that opened different personalities.

Taste : intense and concentrated. Hot and powerful. Spicey and herbal. Wow…

Finnish : for days.

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