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Marca Negra Tepeztate

Marca Negra Tepeztate is produced in limited quantities due to the scarcity of the agave Tepeztate, which takes 25-30 years to reach maturity.

Rating: (5 reviews)
Brand:Marca Negra Mezcal
Mezcalero:Jorge Mendez
Town:San Luis del Rio
ABV: 47.3%
Age of plant: 30 years
Website: http://www.marcanegra.com/
About this mezcal

Marca Negra Tepeztate is produced in limited quantities due to the scarcity of the agave Tepeztate. This mezcal is made by Jorge Mendez in San Luis del Rio using the agave Tepeztate that take 25-30 years to mature. This is a delicate mezcal that many revere as one of the finest Tepeztate mezcals available outside of Oaxaca. It has an intense minerality with notes of spicy green peppers, chives, and peat.

Marca Negra Mezcal

If a worthy expression of traditional Mezcal is to be found in the most remote village - be it in the Oaxacan Sierra, or the desert of Durango- Marca Negra will go there to make and available for you in its true, original form. Their bottles display specific information on their label, such as the type of agave it is made of. Be sure that it is of 100% pure agave and that the alcoholic volume is above 45%. Another important fact to consider is the region your Mezcal comes from as well as the name of the maestro who distilled it. That is how you know your bottle is unique. Check your bottles for details about each specific batch. Mezcal PhD did a nice blog on these guys - Mezcal Marca Negra: Good Things Are Happening

5 reviews

3 of out 5 stars

GreenspointTexas on Dec 13, 2018

49 reviews

  • Overall:

Not for me. Funky, insane herbs and veggies, and a strange aroma i cant place

Tyler on May 16, 2018

239 reviews

  • Overall:

This is a really nice Tep that has mellowed out in the glass. There are some big fruity flavors of black currant and cherry here along with pepper and licorice. This Tep is a bit ‘dark’ but enjoyable. 47.3% ABV. Batch MJ04-15, 494/600.

razorbackmike on May 24, 2017

87 reviews

  • Overall:

good fruit on the nose and taste buds.no smoke(or very little).strong alcohol but not too strong.fuit cocktail and spice.finish is quick.sweet and fat flavor.del magueys version of this agave is wonderful but this one is good.

Jonny on Feb 25, 2017

258 reviews

  • Overall:

Batch number is hard to read: I1J04-1g? This mezcal is very balanced and flavorful. It’s a bit hot like the Tobala that is made from this same mezcalero. This is a bit odd as the Tepeztate is only 47.3%. The notes are sweet and full. I prefer the Don Beto releases from Marca Negra, but this one is also good.

Marco on Feb 1, 2017

  • Overall:

(can’t read batch #/ bottle 402/600)
AROMA: attractive fresh clean sweet aromas. no sign of smoke. piquant exotic nose blossom to guava & strawberry. pear. peach. pineapple.
PALATE: alcohol seems to emerge midway and expands firmly to finish, expanding the structure broadly on the palate nicely.
firm, focused core. solid & compact. taut. restrained exchange of minerals around the edge with long earthy adobe brick.
sophisticated gunpowdery dry finish.

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