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Marca Negra Dobadan

Marca Negra Dobadan tastes of cooked agave with a touch of molasses and brown sugar, green herbs and grapefruit peel, a slight smoky to a sweet finish.

Rating: (6 reviews)
Brand:Marca Negra Mezcal
Mezcalero:Alberto Ortiz
Town:Santa Maria La Pila
ABV: 49%
Website: http://www.marcanegra.com/
About this mezcal

Marca Negra Dobadan tastes of cooked agave with a touch of molasses and brown sugar, green herbs and grapefruit peel, a slight smoky flavor gives way to a sweet finish. The agave Dobadaan and agave Mexicano are the same varietal of agave rhodacantha. Both names for this type of agave are pretty widely accepted. The Marca Negra Dobadaan tastes of rich fruits, and it’s very clean on the nose and palate.

Marca Negra Mezcal

If a worthy expression of traditional Mezcal is to be found in the most remote village - be it in the Oaxacan Sierra, or the desert of Durango- Marca Negra will go there to make and available for you in its true, original form. Their bottles display specific information on their label, such as the type of agave it is made of. Be sure that it is of 100% pure agave and that the alcoholic volume is above 45%. Another important fact to consider is the region your Mezcal comes from as well as the name of the maestro who distilled it. That is how you know your bottle is unique. Check your bottles for details about each specific batch. Mezcal PhD did a nice blog on these guys - Mezcal Marca Negra: Good Things Are Happening

6 reviews

4.8 of out 5 stars

razorbackmike on Aug 6, 2018

81 reviews

  • Overall:

amazing flavor.i get almost nothing on the nose but the taste was worthy of a rare 5 star rating.my opinion follows the other ratings.it is bright ,sweet and floral.there is a a wonderful mix of citrus and burnt sugar on the finish.this mezcal is suprisingly light but full of flavor.mr ortiz can do magic!

Chris on May 30, 2018

18 reviews

  • Overall:

Lot XAO12-17 921/1050 Alberto Ortiz. I have pretty good variety in my bar. This bottle has evaporated down to the pinky finger on the back of the bottle, while many remain waiting their turn. Hard not to finish the bottle is right. Why? It’s not the nose; you don’t pop it open to savor the aroma. Good four star complex flavor on the palate. I think the smooth, toasted caramel aftertaste really seals the deal on this one.

COak on Aug 25, 2017

25 reviews

  • Overall:

This is amazing. It’s sweet, smooth and a bit of citrus. Hard not to finish the bottle!

Marco on Feb 1, 2017

  • Overall:

(batch MJ09-14/ 576/600 bottles) 96 proof
AROMA: fresh ground black pepper. citrus. fresh green herbal aroma.
no hint of smoke. chalky, minerally aroma.
tight, fine, clean aromas. grapefruit skin.
PALATE: peppery and piquant. round and balanced. elegant, feminine. an elevated dobadan.
after 12 hours open a fuller, more fragrant perfumed palate developed, lingering berry sweetness at very finish. rich and complex.

Tyler on Jan 27, 2017

192 reviews

  • Overall:

Amazingly floral, bright, and sugary. This Mexicano has some flavors of lime, roasted agave, grape, burnt caramel, and salt. Slightly hot finish. One of the best Mexicanos I’ve ever tasted. Batch 17J03-15

Jonny on Nov 21, 2016

223 reviews

  • Overall:

Lots of strong citrous on the nose with notes of lime. This Mezcal is super rich with notes of caramel and vanilla. Like other mezcals from this Mezcalero, this is very clean on the nose and the flavor is finite. It’s balanced and insanely easy to drink for being so complex. This is one of my favorite Agave Mexicano mezcals. Batch 17J03-15 bottle 282/300.

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