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NETA Bicuixe – Celso Garcia Cruz

NETA Bicuixe was distilled by Mezcalero Celso Garcia Cruz in April 2017. 300 Bicuixe piñas were quiotudo and left caponado for over one year before harvest.

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Category:Destilado de Agave
Mezcalero:Celso García Cruz
Grind:Hand, Shredder
Age of plant: 15 years
Batch size: 200 liters
Release year: 2019
Website: https://netaspirits.com/, opens in new window
About this destilado de agave

NETA Bicuixe was distilled by Mezcalero Celso Garcia Cruz in April 2017. The maguey Bicuixe found in Miahuatlan are very similar, and perhaps even identical to what is called Tobaziche in parts of the Ejutla valley, the Tobaziche of Santa Catarina Minas, as well as the Cirial from other parts of the Central Valleys.

This 200 liter batch from Maestro Mezcalero Celso Garcia Cruz is an expression of the natural elements of the region, the flavors of the plant, and the nuances imparted by its mezcalero and palenque. 300 Bicuixe piñas were quiotudo and left caponado for over one year before harvest, meaning that the flowering stock, or quiote, was cut before inflorescence, allowing the plant’s energies to concentrate on sugar into the piña. The use of fully matured agave is rare in industrial mezcal production but is a hallmark practice of traditional mezcal and agave spirit craftsmen and women.


NETA is a colloquial word in Mexico that translates to "the real deal" or "the truth". Since 2012, the brand has worked closely with several small, family producers and a cooperative of twelve palenqueros from the southern valleys and hills of Miahuatlán, Oaxaca. The region has preserved its reputation for producing some of the finest mezcales and agave spirits anywhere in Mexico. The team behind NETA presents a carefully curated selection of extraordinary spirits that would otherwise never be found outside of its place of origin.

A note about NETA labels: The total bottle count written on the front label might be less than the total batch size. Batches may be split between Mexico, Europe, and the US; the handwritten bottle count represents the number of bottles imported into a particular country.

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3 reviews

4.67 out of 5



4 reviews
Rated 5 out of 5 stars3 months ago

June 2018 – BCEL – 002 – 49.35%
This is the Best mezcal I have ever tasted. The nose is impressive, I could spend hours sitting on a couch sniffing it. On the palate is beautifully sweet and the finish…oh, it lasts forever. Bought 2 bottles and regret I didn’t buy a third one while was still available. Superb.



53 reviews
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars9 months ago

Nose of spiced fruit with light smoke – smells great.
Tropical fruits, clove, spice and white pepper on the palate.
Long finish as Mansson had said which is warming and delightful.
Definitely a lot going on in terms of flavour, but very well balanced and thoroughly enjoyable.



71 reviews
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars2 years ago

Lot BCEL-001, distilled April 2017. Liquorice, rubber tyres, cauliflower and red and dark berries (cherries, redcurrants, blackberries) in a multi-faceted mix. Beautifully sweet and rounded. There is a lot going on from first sniff to the long aftertaste. Excellent and very interesting!

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