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Oro de Coyame Sotol Vibora

Oro de Coyame Sotol vibora is produced using Dasylirion wheeleri and rattlesnake venom.

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Brand:Oro de Coyame Sotol
Sotolero:Gerardo Ruelas Hernandez
ABV: 43%
Website: https://www.instagram.com/sotolorodecoyame/, opens in new window

About this sotol

Oro de Coyame Sotol vibora is produced using Dasylirion wheeleri from Aldama, Chihuahua. Maestro Sotolero Gerardo Ruelas produces various types of sotol, from anejo—versions to cremas de sotol to sotol that is produced with the addition of elements like marijuana, peyote, and snake venom. This specific batch of sotol was aged in red oak barrels for 4 Months with rattlesnake venom.

Oro de Coyame Sotol

Oro de Coyame Sotol is traditionally produced by Maestro Sotolero Gerardo Ruelas in Aldama, Chihuahua. Read more about a visit with this producer in Roads & Kingdoms’ post POT, PEYOTE, AND SNAKES: THE RISE OF NORTHERN MEXICO’S BEST DRINK.

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Rated 2.5 out of 5 stars10 months ago

Lot 2, 43% abv

Review #26: caramel, pine, metallic, sweet lemons, unique wood taste, a savory funkiness that I’m sure has something to do with snake venom.

This is a very odd one. There is an interesting savory funk to it that really makes this stand out, but i feel like the oak is a bit strong and and overpowers the subtleties

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