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Real Minero Cuishe

Real Minero Cuishe is actually made with agave rhodacantha, not Karwinskii. The use of the name Cuishe varies based on location.

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Brand:Real Minero Mezcal
Mezcalero:Don Lorenzo Angeles, Edgar Angeles
Distillation:Clay Pot
Town:Santa Catarina Minas
ABV: 48%
Website: https://realminero.com.mx
About this mezcal

Real Minero Cuishe is made with agave rhodacantha, which is what most other brands would consider agave Mexicano. Most other brands use the name Cuishe for an agave Karwinskii. That’s not the case for Mezcal Real Minero in Santa Catarina Minas. This mezcal is made with semi-wild agave that begin life in the vast Real Minero nursery.  Once the agave reach the appropriate age and size, they are transported and planted in semi-wild locations. All mezcal Real Minero is traditionally produced in small batches that are distilled in clay pots.

Real Minero Mezcal

Real Minero is considered one of the world's finest Mezcal producers. The family has been making mezcal for several generations in Santa Catarina Minas, and they're known both in Mexico and abroad for creating some of the best bottles available. All of their mezcal is made in small clay pot stills, and almost all of it is rested in glass for several months before bottling, giving the mezcal a much softer character. Outside of creating great spirits, they also have one of the largest and most diverse sustainable agave reforestation programs. With the help of the community, they've been able to rescue several agave varieties that were previously thought to be extinct. The ABV of each batch may vary slightly, so check your bottle for details.

Read more about our visit to the Real Minero Agave Nursery and Palenque Tour.

2 reviews

4 of out 5 stars



36 reviews
1 year ago

190/282 RMC-01 2015. Sampled at a tasting put on by William Scanlan. I’ll be honest, there was one aspect about this one that hit me so hard, I barely recall anything else: BANANAS!

I feel bad, because as soon my buddies and I started sipping on this one, I just blurted it out and they complained they couldn’t think of anything else other than bananas – the ripe and sweet kind. I did like it and would consider adding a bottle to my collection.



323 reviews
2 years ago

Lot RMT-01. Bottle 102/120 from 2015. This has some classic Mexicano tastes of dark rich chocolate mixed with wet leaves in the fall. It kind of smells and tastes like autumn in New Hampshire. This is hard to find and totally worth the search.

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