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Real Minero Ensamble

Real Minero Ensamble is a rich expression that is packed with herbal notes, smoke, and hints of fruit. It is rested in glass for 10 years before bottling.

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Brand:Real Minero Mezcal
Mezcalero:Don Lorenzo Angeles, Edgar Angeles
Agave:Barril, Blanco, Espadin, Largo, Tobala, Tripon
Distillation:Clay Pot
Style:Aged in Glass
Town:Santa Catarina Minas
ABV: 46%
Website: http://realminero.com.mx/
About this mezcal

Real Minero Ensamble is made by Edgar Angeles in Santa Catarina Minas. Each batch is different but usually contains agaves Largo and Barril. Newer batches contain agave Tobala and the rare agave Blanco. The very first batch bottled under Mezcal Real Minero was produced in 2004 by Don Lorenzo Angeles (Edgar’s father) and was made with agaves Espadín, Largo, Tripón and Barril. The portions of different agaves all play a part in defining this mezcals unique flavor profile. This is a rich expression that is packed with herbal notes, smoke, and hints of fruit. Certain batches are rested in glass for 10 years before bottling.

Real Minero Mezcal

Real Minero is considered one of the world's finest Mezcal producers. The family has been making mezcal for several generations in Santa Catarina Minas, and they're known both in Mexico and abroad for creating some of the best bottles available. All of their mezcal is made in small clay pot stills, and almost all of it is rested in glass for several months before bottling, giving the mezcal a much softer character. Outside of creating great spirits, they also have one of the largest and most diverse sustainable agave reforestation programs. With the help of the community, they've been able to rescue several agave varieties that were previously thought to be extinct. The ABV of each batch may vary slightly, so check your bottle for details.

Read more about our visit to the Real Minero Agave Nursery and Palenque Tour.

3 reviews

4 of out 5 stars



13 reviews
1 year ago

Nose: Black Pepper, Earth, Kiwi, Gooseberry, rock salt, mashed apple and pear, apricots, peaches the perfect balance of fruit, spice and earth and something bitter and botanical I can’t put my finger on.

Taste: Apples, Pears, Baked Clay, Tonic water, juniper berries. Not as complex as the nose would suggest.

Comment: Little disappointing taste considering the complexity of the nose, great stuff never the less.



323 reviews
3 years ago

Very clean on the nose with light aromas of clay-vanilla. Velvet on the palate. The delicate karwinskii flavors are strong here and well-supported by the espadin. I’ve never tasted nor seen mezcal with Tripon agave anywhere aside from this Real Minero so I’m not sure how to pick out the flavor it of. The barril and largo are very nice. The flavors are incredibly clean and well-defined with notes of vanilla, fresh-cut grass, and marshmallow. Bottle 162/781, Lot 001 from 2004.



341 reviews
3 years ago

Lot 1 from 2004. Bottle #162/781. Very warm and buttery on the nose with aromas of green apple, nutmeg, and a touch of wet grass. Though this mezcal is distilled in clay pots, there’s little-to-no clay aromas or flavor notes. The flavor is well balanced and clean with subtle notes of green pepper, fresh cut grass, and ground pepper. This bottle gets a lot of hype and it’s worth the hype. If you see this bottle, it’s definitely worth trying.

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