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Yuu Baal Madrecuixe

Yuu Baal Madrecuixe has intense notes of green vegetation and wet earth. It’s the only Yuu Baal mezcal made by master mezcalero Alberto Ortiz.

Rating: (4 reviews)
Brand:Yuu Baal Mezcal
Mezcalero:Alberto Ortiz
Town:Santa Maria La Pila
ABV: 48.6%
Website: www.mezcalyuubaal.com
About this mezcal

Yuu Baal Madrecuixe is made with wild agave Madre-Cuishe by master mezcalero Alberto Ortiz in Santa Maria la Pila. This mezcal offers an unmistakable herbal aroma and taste. It accentuates intense notes of green vegetation and wet earth, with a mineral smell that is unparalleled and unforgettable. This is the only Yuu Baal mezcal that is made by Alberto Ortiz, who is responsible for many high-end mezcals that are distributed by other brands.

Yuu Baal Mezcal

Mezcal Yuu Baal is a social enterprise that highlights the traditions of the native Oaxacan producers of mezcal. They pay close attention to detail on the complete process of production to ensure the mystical, the exotic, and the absolutely delightful taste is in every majestic drink. Grupo Yuu Baal is made up of producers in San Juan del Rio, San Luis del Rio Tlacolula and Miahuatlan, Oaxaca.

The quality of the maguey begins in the earth. This means that the complete cycle of production, including planting, cutting, and distillation are done manually, and all with absolute respect for the environment.

4 reviews

4 of out 5 stars

COak on Jan 11, 2019

51 reviews

  • Overall:

These other reviews are spot on. Minerally, sweet with lavender. Big fan of madrecuixe and this can hang with the best of them.

razorbackmike on May 14, 2018

92 reviews

  • Overall:

i have really become a fan of madre.the profile is just like the other reviews describe.the entry is earth and veggie.the sweetness comes in mid way with spice and slight smoke on the finish.its a mix of savory and sweet and alberto ortiz always makes great mezcals with a bit of mineral in the taste.very enjoyable!

PhilBrunski on Feb 17, 2018

19 reviews

  • Overall:

Very strong Madre. If you like this type of agave this bottle is the purest form of it I’ve tasted. Like liquid soil, extremely earthy and strong. The first time I had it I found the flavor overwhelming but I now appreciate what the mescalero was able to achieve with the madrecuixe

Jonny on Nov 28, 2016

283 reviews

  • Overall:

Lot YJ07-16. Very vegetal and earthy. This is almost musty in its earthiness. There’s also a lot of fruity notes of orange, plantains, and citrus. The Mezcalero brand did the Special Bottling #1, which is made by Alberto Ortiz with agave madre-cuishe, so it was essentially just a different batch of the same mezcal. The Mezcalero brand was also aged in glass for 18 months, which gave it a bit of a rounded feel, but this is still a great mezcal.

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