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My trail name is Wagon, and when my son comes along, I’m WagonTrain. I’m fairly new (ish) to Mezcal, but happily moving along, one ounce at a smile. I’m attracted to the pureness of Mezcal, the taste of it, and the culture ? I’m grateful ?
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Mal Bien Espadin – Antonio Sonido

Jul 10, 2021

I let this open up in the glass for almost 5 minutes before swishing and sniffing. When I sniffed it, I got a faint alcohol leather polish like scent on the nose. The first swish met me with… wow… this is freaking good… then, heat; a mild – moderate lingering 6.3 heat…

Second sip: almost a light mineral, with some type of faint cucumber softness, followed by less heat (maybe a 5.4), and then a lingering soft sweetness (in a good way) that I can’t describe, along with the heat… My buccal mucosa definitely started to numb here…

Final kiss: a mix of cucumber and very watered down strawberry sweetness and that 5.4 heat again… The heat dissipated quickly with this last one and the sweetness stayed 🙂

Moreover, This Was Fun! I would get a shot of this if I saw it on a menu while eating, kiss it, and re-visit it; however, I would not buy a bottle of it. Yet, I certainly would not discourage anyone else from doing so. This was part of my Mix Tape # 5 three pack. It stands as a solid # 2 between the Neta and LaLocura; with the LaLocura being miles and miles and kilometers ahead (please reference my review, if interested).

Final note: maybe 3-5 minutes after the last kiss, the smoke flavor encompasses my mouth; I am guessing it was always there, but the numbing of my buccal mucosa didn’t allow me to pick up on it.

Del Maguey Minero

Jul 10, 2021

Lot: SCM-192; 100 Proof (which I like).

Initial opening and first on-the-nose-pour: slight acetone, followed by more acetone after a second or two, then slowly building and mixing onward together with a slight smoke scent…

When I dabbed a finger dip between my wrists (Yes, I dab onto my inside wrists, smack my wrists together a few times, and sniff), I could not help but to recognize a similar smell when testing a Le Labo Calogne (not too long ago). It didn’t come to me right away, but when it did, I distinctly smelled their ROSE 31 (not exactly the same smell, but more like a very close first cousin smell-alike); the scent lasted 3-4 minutes and then faded.

Ten second swish, swirl, and swallow was a little hot; maybe even spicy…

Second on-the-nose sniff: lighter acetone, mixed with some floral wood smell (again, similar to Le Labo ROSE 31), but I had to focus and fish for it…

First big Kiss (sip): a touch of sweet/mineral, and then smoothness followed by a nice stretch of heat for 10/15 seconds, with a touch of smoke – maybe…

Second Kiss: hmmmm, “do I like or really, really like this?”, were the thoughts… And, is it really an Espadin???? I even re-read the bottle to make sure…

No third sniff, just a finisher kiss: good and smooth; it opened up! Still had heat that lingered, but some sweetness came through… Maybe a touch of a Medjool Date like sweetness, but not lasting, nor nearly as sweet, and some light smoke, but, again, only if I listened carefully for it, as it whisked down into the abyss of my belly…

Moreover, this is a Homerun, for an Espadin, and it is a great sipper; the softness of the clay shines through here, and I am left wondering if that is simply the magic here. I would not want to MIX this with anything other than the glass I would be pouring it into and drinking from. I was excited to read from another reviewer that this might be a light introduction or something comparable (yet not as good) to their Chichicapa; which of course means I need to try that soon and compare… FWIW and for my own satisfaction, I would like to taste test this against my Real Minero Espadin, within a few weeks time and might add anything notable if and when I do… Otherwise, that’s a moot point.

On the down side: I deducted one star based on the $70 price tag… At $60-$63 or under, this would be a staple in my small collection; however, I am feeling that it just might be best to jump up to their chichicapa instead. But, don’t get me wrong: for a 100 proof Espadin, this is smooth and in a class above the rest. But, at $70… I’d stick with a $40 one liter of El Buho instead… Sure, maybe El Buho is a drop hotter and not as smooth… But, again, the cost keeps it from being a grand slam. I’d prefer to pay a drop extra for a grand slam (maybe the chichicapa; if it’s reasonably available and not a million bucks), rather than just a single run homerun. Why settle?

Sombra Joven

Jul 9, 2021

I want this to be my favorite sipper! I want to love this for what they do, and for all they stand for; however, it’s not and I don’t. It’s far too HOT for me. Yet, less intense when compared side by by side to Montelobos Espadin; I find them to be similar, but with Sombra being smoother, a touch sweeter, and (just the right amount of) smokier (just to be clear, these are all attributes).

So, in my novice opinion, it is the absolute best Mezcal as a mixer or for a Margarita(or better yet, a Spicy-Margarita)!!! I infuse (depending on the freshness and organic availability) some jalapeño, Serrano, or Poblano (when I need to lessen the heat) slices into a cup of Sombra. I chill it overnight (or more), shake occasionally, and simply add 2 ounces of it to 2 ounces of freshly squeezed limes, a few drops of orange bitters, some crushed ice, and a teaspoon of honey or sugar… Booyah!!! A healthy Spicy-Margarita! Try some 🙂 I will always have a bottle of Sombra on hand just for this reason. Moreover, I trust that my review does not turn anyone away from trying this brand. I would rather delete my comment, than cause them any harm.

In short, as a sipper my 3 star rating sits firm; however, as a mixer, as an organically made mezcal, and for what they do as a company, I’d give them 5+ STARS (times 2) 🙂

Lalocura Rainy Season Tobasiche-Espadín

Jul 9, 2021

Bear in mind I am new (ish). I’ve only just begun my journey into appreciating Mezcals. As of yet I have explored: Sombra, El Buho, Banhez, Del Maguey (Minero), Montelobos, Ilegal, (Thus far, mostly all the “common (ish) stuff). In addition, I have bottles of Real Minero, (Espadin and Largo), Bruxo 4, and (a 200ml bottle of) Madre Mezcal. I was late to the game getting on the initial MixTape Mezcal subscriptions. But, just got mixtape order # 5 and this guy (the above Lalocura ensemble) was in it 🙂

200 ml bottle; sadly, I cannot read the lot clearly, but I think it says: D-01 Espadin/Tobasichelluvio; Magueyes 55/45; 47.97% alcohol.

If it helps: I rate this as my absolute Favorite Mezcal thus far!!!! Kinda sweet, as others stated, yet smooth and Delicious… Delicious… Delicious… One Ounce: a small kiss, swish, and swirl for 10 or so seconds, followed by three nice sips. By sip and swallow number three it absolutely opened up with utter smoothness… Low to no noticeable smoke and I like smoke… But, the smooth flavors triumphed over any slight craving of smoke. I cannot wait to have more of this.

In short, I would (absolutely) buy this (again). But, won’t, because I will never pay anything over a $100 for a bottle of anything!!! My two expensive Real Minero’s were gifts and I initially refused them. With that said, and once more, this is the BEST Mezcal I’ve ever tasted, which also makes it my number one sipper. The 150 milliliters or so left will be slowly cherished and enjoyed until it is forevermore all gone. FWIW, I like this way better than my Real Minero Largo. In addition, I can definitely sense & taste the Real Minero connection here. In closing, I knocked a half a star off due to the astronomical price of what a full bottle might cost me; simply ludicrous.

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