You don’t find mezcal, mezcal finds you.

Welcome to Mezcal Reviews.  We’re glad you’re here.  As you look through the website, keep in mind that this site is for you.  We are not mezcaliers, and we don’t profess to know everything about Mezcal.  We’re just two guys from Austin, Texas who love Mezcal, and we hope that others will join us on our agave adventure. This site was built to delight all Mezcal drinkers, from those who have PhDs to those who drank too much Monte Alban ten years ago but are ready to give Mezcal another shot (pun intended).

Our plans for Mezcal Reviews are vast.  We’ve only just begun with this initial release of the website, and we think we’re headed in the right direction with features like “Browse by Mezcalero“.  We’ll have more features and functions released in the coming months, so stay tuned.  Our future plans include:

  • More Mezcals available for review
  • More special release/bottling info
  • Interactive Mezcal maps
  • Advanced review and login functions (so you can create your own virtual “Mezcaleria”)
  • A recipe section for mezcal cocktails

They say you don’t find Mezcal, Mezcal finds you.  It certainly found us, and we hope that it found you too.  Write some reviews and give us feedback on the site through our contact form or social media channels. We hope you enjoy.


— Jonny and Tyler

Austin, Texas
September 2016