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Alipus Santa Ana

Alipus Santa Ana is grown in the white hot earth and the Mezcal is product of this environment. It has a deep herbal and smokey taste with acetone scent.

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Brand:Alipus Mezcal
Mezcalero:Hernandez Melchor
Town:Santa Ana
ABV: 42%
Release year: 2001
Website: http://www.alipus.com/
About this mezcal

Alipus Santa Ana is grown in the white hot earth and the Mezcal is product of this environment. It has a deep herbal and smokey taste with acetone scent.  This Mezcal is distinguished by the conditions of the life of the plant, which are dictated by its soil, and a particular fermentation process notable in the herbal, mineral, and smoky tastes, as well as the acetone in its scent.

Alipus Mezcal

Alipús is a social project that seeks to generate rural economy in Oaxaca through making and commercializing artisan mezcal. These are mezcales jóvenes (unaged), made by a small family distilleries.  Alipús was born in 1999, as a project of the Destilería Los Danzantes, with Don Joel Antonio and sons as the first producers, in San Juan del Río. Subsequently, Don Eduardo Hernández, of Santa Ana del Río, making Alipús Santa Ana mezcal; Don Cosme Hernandez and his son Cirilo in San Baltazar Guelavila, who make the Alipús San Baltazar mezcal; Don Valente Angel and sons, of Santa María La Pila, with the Alipús San Andrés mezcal. In 2013, Alipús San Luis is incorporated, made by Don Baltazar Cruz and sons, of San Luis del Río, and Alipús San Miguel, made by Don Felix García and Leonardo Rojas in the Potrero Sola de Vega.


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3 reviews

3.7 of out 5 stars

JRB on Apr 10, 2018

11 reviews

  • Overall:

Alipus Joven Mezcal Santa Ana / 95 proof
Tahona milled, copper still. Lighter body. Nice mix of agave and smoke, pepper. Compared to the Alipus San Juan, this has more agave and less smoke, and for me reaches a great balance. Of the “single village” Alipus mezcals this is my favorite. (And I’m glad I did not see the “acetone scent” comment before I ordered a bottle of this – yikes!)
(Lot SAR010/16, bottle 328/1064)

Tyler on Jun 17, 2017

239 reviews

  • Overall:

The green bottle is fitting because this Alipus has a lot of piney notes. My bottle has sat half-full for quite a while so it has really opened up. There are other flavors of tobacco, wood, and charred fruit. A nice mezcal for the price point.

Jonny on Nov 18, 2016

259 reviews

  • Overall:

Like many of the other Alipus mezcals, this is a pure expression of terroir. There’s lot of vanilla and pine on the nose. The pine stays strong in the taste and meshes with mineral notes and little heat. Overall, this is good mezcal. Like other Alipus mezcals, the pricing makes this a great deal.

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