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Balam Raicilla Costa

Balam Raicilla Costa is produced by Don Rosalio Rodriguez in El Tuito, Jalisco. There are at least two versions of this that are made with different agave.

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Raicillero:Rosalio Rodriguez
Agave / Maguey:Amarillo, Chico Aguillar
Town:El Tuito
Age of plant:7-10 years
About this raicilla

Balam Raicilla Costa de Jalisco is produced by Don Rosalio Rodriguez in El Tuito, Jalisco. Some batches of this are made using 100% agave Rhodacantha, others are made using an agave Angustifolia that is known locally as Chico Aguiar. After being cooked and crushed, the agaves are naturally fermented for 23 days before being double-distilled in Huichol Alambic stills. This raicilla has aromas of wood and wildflowers with a hint of citrus. On the palate there are notes of cooked green agave, roasted fruits, and cold ash.


Balam Raicilla and Sotol was launched in 2016 by Xavier Villagran. He has taken careful consideration to find raicilleros that were previously not commercializing their raicilla, which has a reputation of being the moonshine of Mexico. Balam was the second brand of raicilla to legally enter the United States market. Villagrán sources artisanal spirits: mezcals in Oaxaca, raicilla in each of the three distilling regions of Jalisco (costa, sierra, llano), sotols from Chihuahua and Durango, and the rare churique from the tiny agave lechugilla.

2 reviews

1.5 out of 5



1 review
12 months ago

Racilla is delicious, unfortunately this one is terrible. Not recommended, it has no depth and will make every drink taste awful.



154 reviews
1 year ago

CH04-16. Thin and watery with a distracting band-aid flavor, some artichoke and brown sugar but mostly band-aid.

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