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Bozal Guias de Calabaza

Bozal Guias de Calabaza is made with Agave angustifolia in Rio de Ejutla, Oaxaca.

About this mezcal

Bozal Guias de Calabaza is made with Agave angustifolia in Rio de Ejutla, Oaxaca. First, the agave is crushed by a tahona, then baked in pit ovens, fermented, and then distilled. During the second distillation, pumpkin and seasonal fruits and grains harvested from the local market, are suspended inside the bottom of the still in a basket. Local produce includes pineapple, plantains and oranges, along with pumpkin seeds and chepiche.

Bozal Mezcal

Mezcal Bozal is a craft, artisan, handmade Mezcal. They celebrate the wild side of the Mezcal world and the wild agave used to produce such rich spirits. They use agave from the steep precarious hillsides of Oaxaca and Guerrero that are indigenous to the region. These varietals produce flavors that are exotically intense, with rich earth tones and savory smokiness. From the heart of the maguey these flavors are traditionally extracted to produce mezcal that is wildly refined.

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Rated 2.5 out of 5 stars1 year ago

Nose: red fruit, pineapple, botanicals
Palate: mint chocolate, red fruit, saline mineral, spicy herbs; super rich and oily mouthfeel that I expect from a pechuga, but also has considerably more heat than I would expect as well. Especially at only 47%.
The flavors are fine here I think. Not too complex but bold like I expect from Bozal but this is just way too hot for a 47% pechuga. Also if you’re reading this bozal credit your producers

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