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Clande Sotol (Red)

Clande Sotol (Red) was distilled by Don Eduardo Arrieta in Chorreras, Chihuahua using wild Dasylirion Leiophyllum. The batches are extremely small, for example an April 2016 batch was only 99 liters.

Rating: (4 reviews)
Brand:Clande Sotol
Sotolero:Don Eduardo Arrieta
Batch size:99 liters (April 2016)
About this mezcal

This authentic small batch Sotol was distilled by Don Eduardo Arrieta in Chorreras, Chihuahua. Using wild Dasylirion Leiophyllum, Don Eduardo roasts the sotol plants in conical pits and then grinds by axe. Next, the sotol is fermented with wild yeast and distilled in copper stills. The batches are extremely small, for example an April 2016 batch was only 99 liters.

Clande Sotol

Clande Sotol is a brand that celebrates the art and tradition of craft spirits in Chihuahua. Clandestine distilleries used to be found in Northern Mexico and were known as “vinatas.” These facilities were used to produced both Sotol (from Dasylirion) and Lechuguilla (from Agave). Vinatas were prohibited in the early 1900s and Maestro Sotoleros were persecuted and sometimes incarcerated. Sotol Clande represents sotol from different regions and delivers the impact of terroir on this beautiful spirit. The project seeks to support small local producers and improve their standard of living, as well as protect the future of the Dasylirion plant. The ABV will vary by batch. Check your bottle for details.

The labels on their bottles are color coded. The YELLOW label is sotol made by Bienvenido Fernandez. The RED label is sotol made by Don Eduardo Arrieta. The PURPLE label is sotol made by Lupe Lopez. The GREEN label could be made by either Bienvenido Fernandez or Lupe Lopez, and it is an Ensamble that combines sotol and agave, which are cooked, milled, and distilled together. The BLUE label could be made by Bienvenido Fernandez, Lupe Lopez, or Tavi Torres, and it is made with 100% agave.

4 reviews

3.88 out of 5



4 reviews
11 months ago

Very surprised to see the disparaging reviews of the this here.
It comes in hot but is incredibly complex with flavors of white chocolate, wet clay, baking spices, and carmelized sugar. Very long finish that evolves and keeps going. Beautiful product, I heard recently that they found dinosaur bones on Eduardo’s palenque so hopefully that doesn’t put him out of production for a while.



154 reviews
1 year ago

Lot 2. Very one note. ANISE!! I tried my hardest to discern any other flavors but all I got was anise. The Pernod of Sotols.



178 reviews
1 year ago

Not gettin the love. Different sotol to be sure, but pretty one note and a slightly harsh finish. Pleasant but not incredible



407 reviews
1 year ago

Jan 2017. 53.4%. Lot 2. Bottle 20. Strong sweet aromas! More hints of spearmint, cilantro, and lemon on the nose. Smells awesome! A bit numbing on the palate with notes of perfume, spearmint, cane sugar, flan, grape skittles, and cleaning supplies. This is awesome! This and the yellow CLande are my favorite of the Clande line so far.

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