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Don Mateo Pechuga – Delia Vargas Vieyra

This Don Mateo Pechuga is made by Delia Vargas Vieyra, the matriarch of the Vieyra family that’s regarded as one of the top distillers in all of Michoacan.

About this mezcal

Don Mateo Pechuga (Delia Vargas Vieyra) is an exclusive K&L Wines variation on the regular Don Mateo Pechuga that is more widely available. The Vieyra family is commonly regarded as one of Michoacán’s very best distillers, but this special bottling, unlike the standard Don Mateo, is Delia’s special recipe. Delia Vargas Vieyra is the matriarch of this highly respected family.

Despite what the label says, this special batch of Pechuga is made with maguey Cupreata and maguey Cenizo. The agave were roasted over Pine and Oak with a tiny bit of Mesquite as a starter. They were crushed manually and fermented naturally in oak vats before being distilled on two wooden stills, one made of Pine and the other from Oyamel (sacred fir). Within the still Delia suspended a mixture of Turkey, Venison, Rabbit, and Iguana. To balance these unusual flavors, she also added Tejacote (crab apple), stone fruits, clove, cinnamon, almonds and other flavors. The resulting mezcal produced just 395 liters and was rested for 6 months in glass before being bottled.

Don Mateo de la Sierra

Emilio Vieyra and his father own and operate Mezcal Don Mateo de la Sierra. Don Mateo was Emilio’s great grandfather. He migrated from Guanajuato to Michoacán in 1840, and began producing mezcal. Given that Don Emilio represents his family’s fifth generation of maestro vinatero (in Oaxaca referred to as palenquero), what better ambassador of the spirit of Michoacán. Although 80% of the mezcal Don Emilio produces is made with wild agave, the family does cultivate its own maguey on the rolling hills below the vinata. Coming from Michoacan gives their mezcals a very different character and taste from those made in Oaxaca. They also are known for using unique agave that are not seen in mezcal from Oaxaca.

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Rated 4 out of 5 stars1 year ago

Lot 41. Bottle 186/504. Clean on the nose, maybe a bit of fruit but not much. This is very agave forward with lots of tropical fruit. Pineapple, cherries, and….not totally sure. This is a total dessert mezcal.. this taste like Tres leches mezcal.

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