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Don Mateo Cupreata

Don Mateo Cupreata is made by maestro mezcalero Emilio Vieyra, whose family has been producing mezcal for six generations.

About this mezcal

Don Mateo Cupreata is made with semi-wild agave Cupreata by maestro mezcalero Emilio Vieyra. The terroir of Michoacan is characterized by its rivers; the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt with many active, dormant and extinct volcanoes; and the variety of forests from conifer to tropical. The Vieyra Vinata is cut into the side of a hill in the steep highlands above Morelia in the Rio Balsas region surrounded by temperate evergreen forest. The high-altitude climate is characterized by sandy-soil and moderate rainfall. The forest floor is soft with pine needles, moss and a red sandy clay; all of which are influences in the flavor profile of Don Mateo Cupreata. The agave used in this mezcal begin life in the Vieyra agave nursery. Once they grow to a healthy size, they are replanted on the mountain slopes surrounding the palenque, and left to grow undisturbed until reaching maturity. Once mature, the agave Cupreata are roasted in a pit oven, fermented using naturally occurring yeasts in Oak Wood tanks, and double distilled in a Filipino style still.

Don Mateo Mezcal

Emilio Vieyra and his father own and operate Mezcal Don Mateo de la Sierra. Don Mateo was Emilio’s great grandfather. He migrated from Guanajuato to Michoacán in 1840, and began producing mezcal. Given that Don Emilio represents his family’s fifth generation of maestro vinatero (in Oaxaca referred to as palenquero), what better ambassador of the spirit of Michoacán. Although 80% of the mezcal Don Emilio produces is made with wild agave, the family does cultivate its own maguey on the rolling hills below the vinata. Coming from Michoacan gives their mezcals a very different character and taste from those made in Oaxaca. They also are known for using unique agave that are not seen in mezcal from Oaxaca.

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3 reviews

3.7 of out 5 stars



40 reviews
2 months ago

Surprisingly good Cupreata. I’m having this in a wonderful restaurant in Morelia. Cupreata is more of a Michoacan Guerrero thing. A bit of licorice. Not a real strong finish. Ordering another one now.



126 reviews
3 months ago

Lot 28. Grapefruit, cooked agave, white pepper, roast banana. Sour and slightly metallic.

Gregg T&T

Gregg T&T

16 reviews
8 months ago

Really enjoyable on the nose, lots of floral, citrus and fresh cut grass notes. The flavor is bright and brings a nice minerality and low key tones of pepper and pine.

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