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Espíritu Lauro Joven

Espíritu Lauro Joven is an ensamble made in San Agustin Amatengo, Oaxaca. It’s a bright mezcal with soft notes of smoke and dried herbs.

Rating: (4 reviews)
Brand:Espíritu Lauro Mezcal
Mezcalero:Carino Ramirez
Maguey:Espadin, Sanmartin, Verde
Agave:Angustifolia, Karwinskii
Town:San Agustín Amatengo
ABV: 40%
Website: http://espiritulauro.com
About this mezcal

Espíritu Lauro Joven is an Ensamble of two different agave. It’s made with 70% maguey Espadin, which takes 6-9 years to mature, and 30% maguey Karwinskii, which takes 15 – 17 years to mature. This mezcal is bright and subtly smokey. It has notes of dried herbs and a sweet agave finish that mixes with the tastes of baked jalapenos.

Espíritu Lauro Mezcal

Espíritu Lauro was established in January 2010 at San Agustin Amatengo, Ejutla, Oaxaca. They started small and have done well slowly expanding their monthly capacity. Their mezcal is traditionally produced and distilled in copper stills. In addition to their joven, reposado, and anejo, they also produce limited batches of Tepextate, Tobala, and other single varietal mezcals.

4 reviews

3.63 out of 5



25 reviews
Rated 4 out of 5 stars2 days ago

I tried this today and bought a bottle, it was pretty good looking forward to getting it home and drinking more of it to get a better feel for it



11 reviews
Rated 2.5 out of 5 stars4 months ago

Minerals and too much petrol on the nose. The petroly impression on the nose stays on the pellet. Smoke starts on the pellet not a lot on the nose. Taste is flat, patrol stays. Not my favorite, but ok.



1 review
Rated 4 out of 5 stars6 months ago

Light, mineral, cut grass, lemon zest, not earthy or smokey. Surprisingly complex for a lighter, smoother, mezcal.



1 review
Rated 4 out of 5 stars3 years ago

Soft blend that anyone can stay for a long dinner by zipping straight, don’t mix it, doesn’t need it

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