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Koch Ensamble

Koch Ensamble is a gentle and balanced mezcal that carries subtle fruity notes of banana, light wisps of smoke, and herbs.

Rating: (2 reviews)
Brand:Koch Mezcal
Mezcalero:Cirilo Hernandez, Pedro Hernandez
Agave:Cirial, Lumbre, Tobala, Tobaziche
Town:San Baltazar Guélavila
ABV: 47%
Age of plant: 7 years
Website: www.mezcalkoch.com
About this mezcal

Koch Ensamble is made from wild agave Tobala, Tobasiche, Lumbre, and Cirial. This mezcal is made in San Baltazar by Pedro Hernandez. It is a gentle and balanced mezcal with fruity notes of banana, light smoke, and herbs.

Koch Mezcal

Mezcal Koch is 100% Oaxacan owned, and they pride themselves on bringing a streamlined efficiency to the 200 year-old production methods of mezcal. To reduce environmental impact they have come up with guidelines under which the whole production process is governed: Agave self-sufficiency, sustainable use of water and forest resources, and a proper waste management. The ABV of their mezcal may vary from batch to batch.

2 reviews

3 of out 5 stars

Tyler on Dec 4, 2016

249 reviews

  • Overall:

There is a lot going on with this ensamble. The minty cirial shines through for me whereas the vegetal tobala remains subtle. There are notes of leather and spice. I have a feeling that time in the bottle will help these flavors mellow over time and help better define the flavors of the individual agaves.

Jonny on Dec 4, 2016

275 reviews

  • Overall:

Lot MK006/16ENS. A bit leathery with notes of vanilla, cream, banana, and smoke. All the Koch Mezcal I’ve tasted has been good, and this Ensamble is no exception. There’s a lot going on between the agave, but the result is even keel.

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