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La Medida Espadin

La Medida Espadin varies by release. Check your bottle for specific details.

Rating: (6 reviews)
Brand:La Medida Mezcal
Town:San Pedro Quiatoni
Age of plant:5-7 years
About this mezcal

La Medida Espadin is made with agave Espadin that takes 5-7 years to reach maturity. This agave is grown at 1,500 meters above sea level. It’s traditionally produced in San Pedro Quiatoni, Tlacolula de Matamoros, Oaxaca.

La Medida Mezcal

Mezcales La Medida brings together more than 46 Oaxacan producers. Their mezcal is made in small palenques with over 450 years of tradition and culture. The brand is run by Julián Vidal Gómez Rodríguez, who began working with mezcal over 40 years ago. Throughout his career he has worked with brands like Monte Alban, Benevá, and Del Maguey. He focuses heavily on mezcal's mysticism and the traditional production methods that have been used for hundreds of years. Some of their mezcal is certified, while other releases go by "aguardiente de agave." Each batch is different. Check your bottles for details.

6 reviews

3.9 of out 5 stars



4 reviews
6 months ago

Maestro: Panfilo Hernández Reyes
Produced 2016 bottled in 2018
Lote: SBG-E1601

Lots going in here. The nose is not as intense as the ABV would have one think. Full of sweetness and baking spices and hints of orange. Upon taste the mouth feel is intense coating everything. Sweet with some lactose notes on the front amd the outbreath retains that caramel baked good sweetness. Overall a real pleasant after work sipper.



126 reviews
9 months ago

SBG-E1601. Floral and mineral with white pepper spice and something metallic, like cold steel. I like it.



27 reviews
9 months ago

Panfilo Hernández Reyes
Distilled : 2016
Lote : SBG-E1601C
NOSE : Very soft nose with a lot going on. Floral, elegant and a little tequila grassiness sitting on a bed of hay.
TASTE : sweet flowers, creamy and buttery.
FINISH : fleeting with sweet smoke.

Very subtle mezcal with a underlying complexity



8 reviews
2 years ago

Very slick and smooth with a brilliant creamy texture. Everything about this mezcal is delicate and incredibly well balanced which makes it such a wonderful sipper and a great introduction to the wonders of mezcal!

2 years ago

Light bodied with a lovely creaminess and round flavours, balanced perfectly between smoke and earth, slight hints of jalapeno/blue cheese can be detected in the background



4 reviews
2 years ago

Lot: SBG-E1501 made by maestro Panfilo Hernndez Reyes at San Baltazar de Guelavila in 2015. A nice fresh floral smell and taste with hints op mint. A little alcohol sting but a fine mezcal. I enjoy sipping this but it does not have a strong finish. It makes for easy sipping and danger of keep pouring it. More a mezcal for on the go, if such a thing exists…

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