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Los Danzantes Tobala

Los Danzantes Tobala is one of the more rare releases from Los Danzantes Distillery as the supply of agave Tobala is limited.

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Brand:Los Danzantes Mezcal
Mezcalero:Karina Abad Rojas
Town:Santiago Matatlan
About this mezcal

Los Danzantes Tobala is made with semi-wild agave Tobala in Santiago Matatlan. Due to the rarity of agave Tobala, production of this mezcal is typically limited. It is slightly acetone on the nose with additional aromas of green agave. The palate has a blend of herbal, citrus, and mesquite flavors.

Known batches:

  • T-018: The agave Tobalá was grown in San Pedro Apostol, in Ocotlán, Oaxaca where the volcanic matter soils are at 4920 feet. (1,400 bottles)
Los Danzantes Mezcal

Los Danzantes is made at the Los Danzantes distillery in Santiago Matatlan, Oaxaca. The mezcals are branded as Los Nahuales in the USA due to trademark issues, and they go by Los Danzantes just about everywhere else. Though the mezcaleros behind this mezcal have been making it for generations, the Los Danzantes brand has been around since 1997.

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