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Mezonte Jalisco

Mezonte Jalisco is a small batch Raicilla from the beautiful state of Jalisco, Mexico. There are different batches of this that have been exported.

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Raicillero:Lorenzo Virgen, Santos Juarez
Agave:Alineno, Cimarrón
Town:Chancuellar, Toliman
ABV: 47%
Website: http://mezonte.com/
About this raicilla

The first US imported batch of Mezonte Jalisco was distilled by Santos Juarez using agave Alineno and Cimarrón in Toliman, Jalisco. While this was produced in Tequila-country, the production of this Raicilla is a far cry from what you’d see in modern Tequila. The agaves are cooked in an underground oven, milled by hand with axes, and distilled in a copper and wood still.

The second US imported batch of Mezonte Jalisco was made by Lorenzo Virgen in Chancuellar, Jalisco using over 10 different agave varietals. The agave were cooked in an underground pit oven, fermented with spring water, and distilled in copper with Pine and Parota Wood.


Mezonte is a noprofit organization that promotes, supports, and preserves - through various media - the production and practices of traditional agave spirits. Mezonte’s main objective is to create awareness of the cultural and biological value that these spirits represent. They feature agave spirits from all over Mexico, with an emphasis on Jalisco and Michoacán. Their producers make mezcal, raicilla, barranca, tuxca, sikua, or any other name used for distilled agave in this region.

2 reviews

3.8 of out 5 stars



77 reviews
2 months ago

Batch 01, 2018. I was looking forward to trying this one but I was a little disappointed. Made with Agave Alineno and Agave Cimarrón which I believe are either subspecies or local names for Agave Angustifolia and Agave Salmiana Crassispina. It’s got some funk, like an aged blue cheese. Cinnamon, kaffir lime leaf, and brick dust. The finish was short and uninteresting. It’s fine, but nothing special.



101 reviews
5 months ago

Wonderful raicilla. Only problem is that it doesnt come cheap.

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