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Mezonte Tepe

Mezonte Tepe is produced by Aciano Mendoza in a remote region of the Tepehuano Community at the intersection of Jalisco, Nayarit, and Durango.

Rating: (3 reviews)
Raicillero:Aciano Mendoza
Distillation:Clay Pot
ABV: 48%
Website: http://mezonte.com/
About this raicilla

Despite it’s name, Mezonte Tepe is NOT made with agave Tepextate. Instead this gets it’s name from the Tepehuano community where it’s produced, at the border of Jalisco, Nayarit, and Durango. This reclusive community insists on isolation from western culture ​and the specific location of this distiller is somewhat mysterious. This spirit is made with agave Cenizo (a. bovicornuta). The term Cenizo is used to describe a lot of different agaves, and in this case this agave is also commonly referred to as agave Lechguilla Verde. While we call this spirit a Raicilla for ease of use on this site, there are certain groups that consider this a completely different agave spirit outside of the world of Raicilla.


Mezonte is a noprofit organization that promotes, supports, and preserves - through various media - the production and practices of traditional agave spirits. Mezonte’s main objective is to create awareness of the cultural and biological value that these spirits represent. They feature agave spirits from all over Mexico, with an emphasis on Jalisco and Michoacán. Their producers make mezcal, raicilla, barranca, tuxca, sikua, or any other name used for distilled agave in this region.

3 reviews

4.7 of out 5 stars



77 reviews
1 month ago

Lot 01. As soon as I tasted this one I knew I needed to get a bottle of it! So unique and interesting! Fruity, herbal, and perfumy with peach, almost over-ripe pineapple, mint, fresh jalapeño, and sandalwood incense. Love this!



303 reviews
5 months ago

Lot 1 from 2018. 110 litres in the batch. Totally unique! Like nothing else out there. Aromas of clay, spring flowers, and wet hay. The palate is very savory with notes of ketchup, green olives, and Parmesan cheese. Slightly acidic with hints of lime as well. It’s got a little heat on the back end but it’s mostly soft and delicate. This is unlike any clay pot distilled mezcal and unlike any raicilla I’ve tasted. It’s really it’s own experience.



101 reviews
5 months ago

A little different but still bangin

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