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Pluma Negra Espadin 48%

Mezcal Pluma Negra Espadin 48% is produced by Mezcalero Rodolfo Hernandez in San Juan del Rio, Oaxaca.

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Brand:Pluma Negra Mezcal
Mezcalero:Rodolfo Hernandez
Town:San Juan del Rio
ABV: 48%
Age of plant: 7-10 years
Website: https://www.mezcalplumanegra.com/, opens in new window

About this mezcal

Mezcal Pluma Negra Espadin 48% is produced by Mezcalero Rodolfo Hernandez in San Juan del Rio, Oaxaca. Donkeys transport the machete cut maguey down to where it’s cooked in an underground earthen oven. An animal powered tahona stone grinds the baked maguey, which is placed in pine barrels for wild yeast fermentation. The result is distilled twice in small batch copper pots. This mezcal has a light feel between tangy citrus and briny olives.

Mezcal Pluma Negra also has a 40% ABV Espadín which is designed as a cocktail spirit.

Pluma Negra Mezcal

Mezcal Pluma Negra is made in the town of San Juan del Rio, which is in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. It is made with wild agaves rich in the flavors of their 100% organic land, and is produced by the hands of a Maestro Mezcalero who uses the process learned by his ancestors. They’re goal is “to be a worthy ambassador of Mezcal, for those who deserve to feel the culture of Oaxaca in all its splendor.”

3 reviews

4.33 out of 5

Zack Klamn

Zack Klamn

508 reviews
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars7 months ago

LOT: 003-ESP/48
Nose – Vanilla. Light caramel candy apple.

Palate – Vanilla bean. Light orange citrus. Oak ember ashiness. Very long finish. Pretty straightforward but damn tasty. Fantastic espadin sipper.



137 reviews
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars1 year ago

so amazingly soft and silky!full body sweet.you would not believe this was a 48 % abv mezcal.this is what an espadin should be at its best and even a step better.this mezcalero knows his craft well.sweet agave fruit.nice subtle smoke and no bite.medium finish.a treat that would be very easy to sip on all evening.mabey too easy!



8 reviews
Rated 4 out of 5 stars2 years ago

A really nice espadin mezcal. Nice fruity sweetness on entry traces of cinnamon and tart fruit. Very easy sipping. Really enjoyable.

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