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Sotol Por Siempre

Sotol Por Siempre is made from 100% wild-harvested sotol plants. It has notes of black pepper spice, earth, mineral, and wet stone.

Rating: (8 reviews)
Brand:Por Siempre Sotol
Age of plant:8-15 years
About this sotol

Sotol Por Siempre is produced from 100% wild-harvested sotol. Experienced tumbadores (harvesters) harvest sotol without killing the plant, allowing it to regenerate for multiple harvests. This sotol is roasted underground for 3-4 days and then hand-crushed with axes. It is then wild fermented in open-air vats for 4-8 days depending on the temperature. After the first distillation in wood-fired copper pot still, the resulting spirit is between 18% and 22% ABV. The second distillation takes place in a more precise, gas-fired copper pot still. After the second distillation, the sotol is between 60%-80% ABV and then brought to proof with tails. Sotol Por Siempre is rested for up to 30 days before being bottled. This sotol has notes of black pepper spice, earth, mineral, and wet stone with a long and mildly smoky finish.

Por Siempre Sotol

US-based Back Bar Project partnered with Compania Elaboradora de Sotol, a 6th generation distillery to release Sotol Por Siempre. Por Siempre means forever in Spanish. The name speaks to forever in its duality; forever in the sense of the future, of time to come, and also of the past and the way that things have always been.


Sipping off the Cuff with Por Siempre Sotol

8 reviews

3.8 of out 5 stars

8 months ago

My first experience with Sotol and not my last. Loaded with minerals and wet earth. Zip of white pepper spice in the long finish. I don’t get the funkiness that others pick up here. I like it, especially as a change-up from standard mezcals. Batch #216.



38 reviews
10 months ago

Grassy, sour, nutty – I dig it. Definitely different from mezcal…more on the earthy and vegetal side. First and only sotol I’ve tried up to this point, but I hope it’s not the last.



3 reviews
11 months ago

Earth and citrus on the nose, with a little wet cement. Palate is like slap in the face with sweet lime followed by less intense earth and minerality. Finish is earthy minerality with a hint of smoke.

An excellent spirit, easily worth the $50 I paid for it. There’s a funky note (don’t know how else to describe it) present throughout, but not in a bad way. I’d highly recommend this to someone, particularly if you want something sweet but unusual and different.

12 months ago

Nice contrast from the influx of mexcals I was trying. woody with a nice bite.



14 reviews
1 year ago

I love Sotol, but this one is a bit high on the funky wild microbes. It has a very prominent cheesy character that on it’s own is too overpowering to enjoy more than a few sips. Would be good mixed.



126 reviews
1 year ago

Lot 14. Wow!! I love this Sotol!! It’s like climbing out of your tent in the desert after a rain storm. Earth, flowers, spice, and a ton of different mineral flavors. A long complex finish. Better than anything at this price point. I can’t believe how good this is.



353 reviews
2 years ago

This is probably the first sotol I ever tasted. I’m still a sotol noob but find Sotol Por Siempre really good. There is lots of wet earth and fresh cut grass here with caper brine and lemon peel. Four stars considering the value.



65 reviews
2 years ago

Strong minerality – rain on hot cement. Purple and white flowers, bitter or capiscum tickling in the background with dry smoke. Definitive product, and I believe the family producing has mentored others as well. Would love to rate it 5* for that alone, strong terrior but typicity might not show as well. Available, affordable, buy a bottle!

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