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Vago Ensamble – Emigdio

The Emigdio ensambles vary in the agave used to make them, and the ABV will also very by batch. Check your bottle for details.

Rating: (4 reviews)
Brand:Vago Mezcal
Mezcalero:Emigdio Jarquín Ramirez
Agave:Cuishe, Espadin, Madre-Cuishe, Tepeztate, Tobala
ABV: 50%
Website: https://www.mezcalvago.com/
About this mezcal

The Vago Ensamble with a blue label comes from Emigdio Jarquín Ramírez in Miahuatlan, Oaxaca. While Vago has produced Ensamble en Barro from Tio Rey for many years, and a few ensambles from Aquilino have been released over the years, Emigdio’s ensambles began hitting the market in 2018. They are a blend of everything you’d love about any Emigdio single-varietal release, and they give him an opportunity to showcase some different distillations.

Notable batches:

Batch Agaves
E-02-CET-18 Cuixe 47%, Espadin 35%, Tepeztate 18%
E-04-TOBM-18 Tobala 55%, Mexicano 45%
E-08-CE-18 Cuixe 55%, Espadin 45%
E-15-MEC-18 Mexicano 45%, Espadin 44%, Cuixe 8%
E-23-MCC18 Madrecuixe 51%, Cuixe 49%


Vago Mezcal

Mezcal Vago began when co-founder Judah Kuper visited a hospital in Oaxaca, Mexico and ended up falling in love with the nurse who treated him. This nurse had a father named Aquilino who made mezcal in the rural village of Candeleria Yegole. The two of them, along with Judah longtime friend Dylan Sloan, worked together to create the brand. The labels of Mezcal Vago bottles are very detailed and informative. The brand aims to empower both the master craftsmen with a celebration of their art, and also the consumer by giving them the knowledge they need to find a great mezcal. Beginning in the late spring of 2017, Vago began using different color labels for their different mezcaleros. Emigdio distills in copper with refrescador. Aquilino and Joel Barriga distill in copper. Tio Rey distills in clay pots. In 2018, Mezcal Vago established an investment partnership with Samson and Surrey, a spirits company dedicated to partnering with independent craft brands.

Listen to an interview with Mezcal Vago co-founder Judah Kuper on Show de Vie Podcast w/Mike G. Read more about Mezcal Vago on their blog Mas Mezcal.


Ensamble de Emigdio Batch E-02-CET-18 on Mas Mezcal, the Mezcal Vago blog


4 reviews

4.1 of out 5 stars

3 weeks ago

55% Tobala 45% Madrecuixe.

Tasty combo of my two favorite agaves.



4 reviews
3 months ago

55% Tobala, 45% Madrecuixe

So good! Very funky on the nose like a sweet blue cheese. Mild taste, very little heat or smoke. Much less funk on the palate than the nose. Earthy, creamy, peppery with maybe a little bit of pine. Complex to the point where I almost ordered a second pour so I could spend more time trying to figure it out. Love the tobala in it. Definitely try it if you get the chance



18 reviews
3 months ago

55% Tobala, 45% Madrecuixe – This is my personal favorite of Emigdio’s releases that I’ve tried. Very distinctive flavor profile that is quite similar to his other batches; but with a certain creamy sweetness which I imagine comes from the Tobala. Emigdio’s mezcals are tough to describe, but I tend to think earthy, vegetal, cucumber, bubblegum, and mineral flavors. 4.5 stars



301 reviews
10 months ago

47% Cuixe, 35% Espadin, 18% Tepeztate from March 2018. Lot E-03-CET-18. Aromas of sweet apples, maraschino cherries, and red velvet chocolate cake. The palate is heavily perfumed, too much for my liking, but others might love this. Give it a try. It’s a bit grassy and vegetal with earthy notes mixing with salty water taffy. A bit of heat on the back of the palate.

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