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Viejo Indecente Tepeztate

Viejo Indecente Tepeztate is made in San Isidro Guishe, within the district of Miahuatlán, in Oaxaca. This mezcal has notes of honeysuckle and cinnamon.

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Brand:Viejo Indecente Mezcal
Mezcalero:Jose Lucas
About this mezcal

Viejo Indecente Tepeztate is made from 100% mature agave Tepeztate in San Isidro Guishe, within the district of Miahuatlán, in Oaxaca. Mezcalero Don Jose Lucas and his sons cook the agaves in an underground oven, crush the cooked agaves by hand, and ferment the agave fibers along with water in wooden tinas. After fermentation is complete, it is doubled distilled in copper pots. On the nose, there is floral notes along with banana. On the palate there is honeysuckle and cinnamon.

Viejo Indecente Mezcal

Mezcal Viejo Indecente is produced in the small community of San Isidro Guishe, within the district of Miahuatlán, in Oaxaca. Viejo Indecente sits in a unique location. Its fields are among the driest in Oaxaca, with no more than 20 inches of rainfall per year, but the land’s proximity to the sea and exposure to the sea winds in the spring and fall contributes to Viejo Indecente’s subtle marine and salty notes. Jose Lucas, a third generation mezcalero, currently oversees the family-run operation, where he shares the knowledge gleaned from his years of experience with his eleven children. He is proud of avoiding deforestation and of his skill in blending agave species and the discipline to work the fields in an organic and natural way.

3 reviews

4.2 of out 5 stars



70 reviews
5 months ago

Lote 18TZ2 2017. Peppery steak with a side of minerals. The finish is candied and spicy. I like everything I’ve had from Viejo Indecente. There is something in the water in Miahuatlan.



355 reviews
8 months ago

Strong aromas of green peppers, salty pickles, and tomatoes. Palate has notes of grilled peppers, jalapeños, steak, ripe tomatoes, and soy sauce. This is peppery and savory. Very good.



340 reviews
9 months ago

Spicy minerals and salt with candied green peppers. Lemon rind with an almost citrus Pop Rock type flavor. Clean yet complex. Lote 18TZ2 from 2017.

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