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Viejo Indecente Mezcal

Mezcal Viejo Indecente is produced in the small community of San Isidro Guishe, within the district of Miahuatlán, in Oaxaca. Jose Lucas, a third generation mezcalero, currently oversees the family-run operation, where he shares the knowledge gleaned from his years of experience with his eleven children.

Don Jose’s son Mario is a builder and traveled through villages in Zacatecas, Jalisco, and San Luis Potosi where steaming is traditional. Mario built his own above-ground oven fueled by natural gas. This production method helps combat deforestation. Steaming also efficiently uses the entire plant because burnt or charred pieces do not need to be removed. Not all of their releases are steamed however. Once a year, the family roasts a batch of Tobala and a batch of Tepextate in their traditional earthen pit.

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Viejo Indecente Mezcal
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