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Sanzekan Mezcales

Sanzekan is a collective of mezcaleros from the municipalities of Chilapa de Álvarez, Zitlala, Ahuacuotzingo and Tixtla. These municipalities are located in the central low mountain region of the state of Guerrero. Each of the mezcals is bottled, respecting the work done by each mezcal master, which is why each bottle bears the name and signature of the mezcal master, the town of origin, harvest and the batch number.

The brand and collective are committed to the rational and sustainable management of natural resources. They have various programs that allow them to guarantee the sustainable use: a maguey reforestation program (1.5 million seedlings annually), soil conservation and water retention works, the bagasse resulting from the production of mezcal is used as fertilizer in the fields.

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