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Susto Mezcal

SUSTO MEZCAL is a project from Grupo Compadres, which is the evolution of a long-standing friendship between two families in Austin, TX and one in Oaxaca. In 2015, the five partners began serious conversations about launching a mezcal that honored the craftsmanship of mezcaleros and offered the unique experience of mezcal to Texas and beyond. They partnered with mezcalero Crispín Perez, who was already a respected local maestro mezcalero, in 2017 to bring SUSTO to life.

The word susto means fear or fright after significant events such as immense loss, natural disasters, and moments of high emotion. Such events, according to local folklore, can cause the separation of body and soul, and subsequently can be healed by curanderos, native faith healers or shamans, who typically offer a sip of mezcal at the end of their ritual to bring alignment back to the affected.

Grupo Compadres has also prioritized investing in the local, rural community where SUSTO MEZCAL is produced. A portion of SUSTO MEZCAL’s sales benefit the Oaxacan community foundation to fund educational scholarships for Oaxacan middle and high school students.

Susto Mezcal
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