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Marin y Marin Mezcal

Marin y Marin Mezcal is a project from the brothers Enrique and Arcadio Marín. They visited the Sierra Sur region of Oaxaca and were introduced to maestro Raúl Parada, within whom they found partnership and tradition, collectively creating a 100% handmade premium mezcal, totally handmade, organic, light on the palate, but with all the weight and respect that the agave distillate deserves.

As apprentices of the master Parada, and in joint work with the community of San Carlos Yautepec, which harvests the Espadín agave, Marín and Marín Mezcal make 100% fair trade socially responsible productions.

In addition to the traditional Espadín distillate, Marín y Marín Mezcal produces a limited number of mezcals made from hard-to-find wild agaves, as well as other special releases.

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