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GEM&BOLT Mezcal + Damiana is an innovative and herbaceous spirit utilizing fair-trade and sustainable agave that’s converted into mezcal by fourth-generation master distillers in Oaxaca. The brand’s name comes from the legend that long ago a lightning bolt struck the gem (or heart) of the maguey plant, roasting and fermenting its sugars, and out poured the sacred and mystical sap known today as Mezcal. Hundreds of years later, artist-alchemist duo AdrinAdrina and Elliott Coon, both daughters of bohemian-bootleggers, started brewing their own spirits and infusing elixirs. The pair drew inspiration from their childhood growing up in an artist enclave in the mountains of Virginia where they learned the value of plant knowledge and the elevation power of conscious celebration. GEM&BOLT is a living and breathing exhibit of their knowledge and work, following their mantra of, “Make Art, Share Plant Knowledge, Repeat.”

Gem and Bolt Mezcal
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