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Xiaman Mezcal

Xiaman Mezcal is crafted in the small region of San Tomás de Arriba, Oaxaca. The name Xiaman, refers to a mythical being who travels between heaven, the Earth, and the underworld. The project began when Austrian-born Hans-Peter Eder married his wife Adriana Alvarez. Together, they created Tequila Padre Azul, and then eventually came to find mezcal. They traveled through Oaxaca and found a producer making this Espadin-Tepextate Ensamble.

The bottle is designed by master artist Maurilio Rentería. Each bottle is hand-painted, labelled, and crowned with a stopper covered in chaquira beads in the shape of a jaguar head, by a group of Wixárica artisans. There is more than 13 hours of labor in every handcrafted bottle.

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