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Revelador Mezcal

Revelador Mezcal is collaboration between famed Oaxacan Maestro Mezcalero “Don Goyo” and his son Rodrigo Martinez Mendez. Handcrafted in their paleñque in the heart of San Baltazar Guelavila, Oaxaca. “Revelador reflects our passion for crafting the highest quality mezcal and our deep love for this land and our way of life,” said Don Goyo and Rodrigo, “and with each sip we invite you to discover the true personality of each varietal from Espadín to Tepeztate, and in return we think each sip will also reveal your true personality, that is why we named our mezcal Revelador.”

Gregorio “Don Goyo” Martínez Garcia has been producing award winning mezcal for 30 years in his paleñque, a short walk away from where he and his son Rodrigo Martínez Méndez were born. After working with his father each day, Rodrigo spends his evenings as the mixologist at the famed mezcaleria La Cueva, where he found his inspiration for Revelador.

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