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Sacacuento Mezcal

Sacacuento Mezcal has it’s own 150-acre agave ranch named Rancho Buenaventura, which is located approximately 10 minutes south of the City of Nochixtlan, Oaxaca. The agave ranch has approximately 50,000 agave Espadin and 1,000 agave Tobala currently growing. Mezcal production on the ranch began in 1913 when Emilio Maldonado began making mezcal from the wild agave Espadin that grew among other crops. He sold his mezcal to travelers who often passed through the ranch. As he sat with the travelers and shared the mezcal, they would tell great stories. Those who told the best stories were called “Sacacuento.” Today, the ranch and mezcal brand are owned and operated by Emilio’s granddaughter, Claudia Favila and her husband Rudy Favila.

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