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Origen Raiz del Espiritu Mezcal

Origen Raíz is a partnership between two distinct sets of Mexican roots. The Saravia family of Durango has a long history of working to improve the local economy through business, and the Cortés family of Oaxaca brings six generations of knowledge in mezcal production. The families were brought together by their sons, Asis Cortés and Bildo Saravia, through passion for their culture and respect for their heritage. Asis is well known for some of his other projects like Mezcal Dixeebe, and he was previously involved with his family’s other brands of Oaxacan-based mezcal: El JolgorioNuestra Soledad, and Agave de Cortes. The family also operates a mezcaleria named Mezcalogia and Asis has a restaurant named Puro Burro in Oaxaca City.

Origen Raiz Mezcal
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