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Donaji Mezcal

Traditionally, Oaxaca has been dominated by the Zapotec and Mixtec cultures. King Cosijoeza, ruler of the city of Zaachila, had a daughter to whom he gave the name of “Donají” meaning “grand soul.” The Mixtecs and Zapotecs had a series of violent disputes, causing the Mixtecs to take revenge on the King by sacrificing his daughter, the Princess Donají, she was laid to rest near the Atoyac river. It is said that years later when her body was found, it was still in perfect condition. From her head, beautiful species of wild lilies had grown. This image was immediately converted to be the symbol of the Zapotec town. In 1828, a shield for the State of Oaxaca was created on which the head of the Princess Donají is lying down. The State government no longer uses the shield, but it was adopted by the City Council of the State of Oaxaca of Juárez and has been their official seal since 1928.

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