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Buen Suceso Mezcal

Buen Suceso Mezcal is a tribute to all the moments that make life worth living. The company says that “the philosophy behind Buen Suceso is the same that permeates the mexican people: there is always a reason to celebrate. From the most fleeting moments to the greatest of events, Buen Suceso is the beverage to celebrate them all.” The brand owners, Fabian and Adrian, were interviewed in this article saying this about the brand: “We at Buen Suceso wanted to create an approachable Mezcal that is for beginners and experts alike. Beginners will appreciate that Buen Suceso’s relatively low alcohol content (40%) does not overshadow the actual taste of the Mezcal but opens up its complexity even if it is your first time trying Mezcal. Experts will appreciate the rich aromas and the well balanced mix of smokiness, sweetness and herbal aromas.”

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