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NETA Barril + Mexicanito – Hermógenes Vasquez

Sep 22, 2023

Holy shit. I want what blumbibe is smoking. Completely nails his review. Getting that breading, parmensean. Fresh herbs, fruit, I get peaches and strawberries, floral.

Palate. Typical Miahuatlan mineral, clay. Herbal, vegatal with the karwinski. Such a great bottle. Like blumbibe said, if you find a bottle, pounce!

Derrumbes Guerrero

Aug 30, 2023

Getting that hazelnut, milk chocolate. Such a savory sip. Loving everything coming out of Guerrero, this ranks high on the list.

Chacolo Brocha – Ixtero Amarillo

Jun 15, 2022

Lot 003 // May 2021

Nose – Cream, mint, cooked agave,

Palate – Grassy, mint, slight cheesy funk, rich sweetness,

Mal Bien Tobaxiche

Jun 15, 2022

Not sure about Lot #. 49.5%.

Like others have said… Mellow nose. I get some cooked agave, green vegetal.

Palate is mellow as well. Baking spices, tiny bit of vanilla, lots of green veggies! Real good.

Vago Tepeztate – Aquilino Garcia Lopez

May 31, 2022

LOT A-13-T-16
May 2016
497 Liters

Real big. Cooked sweet agave, green bell pepper, slight alcohol on the nose

Minerals, earth, green veggies, leather, dry, cherries, cooked banana on a palate.

Pulled this one deep out of the cabinet and still loving it!

Mezonte Michoacan – Jorge Perez

May 31, 2022

450 liters produced

Very soft. Light mint, green apple, minerals, earth, a little green veggie towareds the end…slightly fruity with some sort of berries. Very well balanced with everyone chipping in to the party without anyone trying to take it over.

Lalocura San Martinero

May 30, 2022

Lot: Barril2017
Bottle 193/446

Damn. Creamy, Cherries, Chocolate, oily, clay, minerals, mint, earth. This is a special bottle. Was just introduced to Lalocura a couple weeks ago and I’ve only had a couple bottles. This may be my favorite right now.

Sotoleros Lalo and Nando

May 30, 2022

Lot 08
Bottle 26/54

Baking spices, mint, sage, pumpkin? slightly sweet with a mild chemical something or other going on.

Really like this one!

Lalocura Tobala

May 25, 2022

Fantastic. A bit pricey but the juice is so damn good! My first from Lalo.

Sour apple, lime, very light clay on the nose.

Palate is fruity, slight clay, little bit of mint freshness, very bright!

L: Tabalei2022-A Bottle 36/533

Mal Bien Papalote – Sonido

May 25, 2022

Nose has a little mineral and earth

Taste has some funk, slight creaminess, and some sweetness on the back end.

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