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Origen Raiz Madrecuishe

Jul 14, 2021

wonderful madre! perfect example of this agave.earthy-veggie notes.raw celery.turnips.lettuce.like a salad wrapped in sweet pie crust.slight heat and good smoke on a long finish. hints of some holiday spices.very nice treat.not lacking in bold flavor.

Real Minero Becuela

Jul 14, 2021

jonny was right.this had to be one of the softest mezcals i have ever had.ordered from old town tequila.lovely tep profile.green bell pepper and garden produce.gentle smoke.very velvety and enjoyable but the flavor wasnt a knockout.i have had other teps that stood out more.very good but falling slightly short considering the 200.00 price tag. 4 stars for the gentle and sweet quality.would rate it higher if the cost was lower.

El Buho Especial Arroqueño

Jun 30, 2021

fantastic! the nose gives little indication of the palate because it is faint (almost none).small wiff of agave and sugar.the palate is best described as a dark red sweet apple.wonderful spices.mainly cinnamon and black pepper.great smoke and a deep sweet complexity.there is some fleeting heat up front but in a pleasant way.long and beautiful finish.makes your taste buds rave!one of the best i have had in a while!

Sacro Imperio Cenizo

Jun 9, 2021

i am just now discovering more cenizos.in the past i have only sampled 3 until about 2 months ago.they all seem to have a sweet and fruity quality that reminds me of spree candy.this one has that but has a sophisticated profile too.i get the savory mushroom and cinnamon note that tyler mentioned but get different spices from start to finish.complex and sweet.very mellow.kinda starchy.very delicious and a great bargain!i am going through this bottle so fast.the kind of mezcal thats hard to stop consuming.

Legendario Domingo Espadin

Mar 22, 2021

very good quality.i dont know if its a 4 star but is very close.espadin profile to the bone.fat-semi sweet agave flavor.orange peel/tangerine on the nose and palate.initial taste was not sweet but slightly bitter like orange zest.like zack said,the second pull had a much sweeter flavor.earthy finish with pleasant heat.no harshness.if you factor the price,it may be a 4 star.very pleased with this bottle.

Rey Campero Mexicano + Cuishe + Tepeztate + Coyote

Mar 22, 2021

incredible!the nose on this was almost nil.it didnt give any hint of the amazing flavor.i got reserved notes of pepper and fruit scent.the initial taste was all over the place.an explosion of salty, sweet,hot,and spicy.mid way i got hints of the individual agaves but each note would transition into another very quickly.i got the candy notes that the others mentioned on the finish.it had some strong heat but was fleeting and i thought it was the perfect match for the complexity.very compact.one sample isnt enough to try and define this fine spirit.

Legendario Domingo Cenizo

Mar 15, 2021

wow!beautiful mezcal.popping the top on this was like sticking your nose into a fresh bowl of green grapes.all the cenizos i have sampled seem to have that candy fruit profile.the palate reminds me of sweet tarts candy and a nice grape finish.fresh and delicious with a slight bite!

El Rey Zapoteco Espadin

Mar 15, 2021

very good espadin!i am not sure if the term capon applies to this mezcal as far as cutting the flowering stalk on the agave plant.it is a notch above the standard espadin, in my opinion.a freshly opened botlle offers very little on the nose at first.after 10 or fifteen minutes there is a nice floral and sweet smell.the palate is silky and mellow.very sweet with black pepper and honey notes,the finish is very pleasant with a hint of smoke and no bite.down the middle espadin profile and a great bargain.all the el reys are excellent.i had purchased a bottle of the joven about 6 years ago and was not impressed with the old label.it looks like the escobar family put some extra care and effort into their latest products. nicely done!

Mal Bien Mexicano Verde – Cortes

Mar 8, 2021

fantastic!very unique.i would never guess this was a rhodacantha.this is a case of the nose matching the palate.its hard to descibe individual notes but more the sum of it all.all sweet with some banana-apple-pear mix and slight malt vinegar.i didnt get the fruit loop notes others had mentioned but we all have different angles on our taste buds.lovely-long finish with no bite and opens more flavors.masterpiece!

El Rey Zapoteco Tepeztate

Feb 22, 2021

very nice .the nose and palate have that typical tep profile.lots of green pepper/veggie sweetness.you have to give the nose a minute or two.it doesnt jump out of the bottle as soon as it is opened.the palate is sweeter than most teps i have had but it is a strong definition of this agave.very mellow with very little bite.some reserved smoke and medium finish.excellent price point.very balanced.lovely mezcal.the kind you want to continue consuming.

Mal Bien Madrecuixe / Bicuixe / Tepextate

Jan 4, 2021

i have had this botlle for about 4 months and hesitated to give a review until now.this was my second sample and i think its very good and high quality. its what i expect from the ramos name and its well made but not my favorite from these guys.dont get me wrong.very enjoyable.the nose is faint . the karwinskis dominate with slight acidity and mineral.sharp,clean with a slight grassy almost tart note.seems like i get this flavor from bicuixie mezcals i have sampled before.i have to search for the tep notes.finish is clean,short and with a reserved agave sweetness.vegetal.this one may grow on me in time.if someone passed a pour of this to me,i would not complain.

Real Minero Arroqueno

Jan 4, 2021

nothing half way about this mezcal! perhaps the boldest i have ever had! clocks in at 53 %.nose is sweet with taffy and leather.palate is very dark and rich.dark spices,black pepper,molasses.i dont get any hint of lightness.heavy hitter with a finish that is dark,sweet and goes on for a week!this goes into my category of a winter mezcal.might be too much for hot weather.incredible!

Real Minero Pechuga

Dec 29, 2020

i dont know that its fair to rate this bottle yet.its a fresh bottle and hasnt opened up fully.the nose was very reserved with just a hint of veggie stew.the initial taste was good but not as good as i expected from rm,it was a very expensive purchase,as i sipped a little more there was a much better result.there was chicken broth and very smooth honey sweetness.a dry finish.i have had the same delayed effect from 2 or 3 other rm bottles.they start out of the gate slow but evolve into a wonderful beauty.i was thinking this is between 3 and 4 stars but i think time will turn it into a great mezcal.i will have to revisit and update.willing to give it 4 stars for now.

5 Sentidos Espadin – Tio Pedro

Aug 28, 2020

i have had this botlle for about 2 years.the first sample didnt impress me that much.it sat on the shelf for about 18 months and i tried it again.totally different mezcal.i picked up on the red hots reference tyler had mentioned.nice veggie and sugar balance.pleasant smoke and nice bite.straight forward espadin and rustic.true agave flavor.a little treasure.

Burrito Fiestero Masparillo

Aug 28, 2020

first time to try a masparillo.i was not disappointed.the nose was strong with fresh wild flowers and sugar cookies.like spring in a bottle.the first impression on the tongue was reserved but after a second or two it really blossomed.very floral and a stong vanilla note.the finish was medium with mucho vanilla,plenty of smoke and the vanilla continued.mild with a pleasant bite.little hints of honey.wonderful spirit.this was a freshly opened bottle and i cant help but think that time will turn this beautiful spirit into a 5 star when it opens up.

Bozal Castilla

Jul 23, 2020

very unique and tasty! the nose is briney and buttery with agave/floral notes.the tastes is a balance of sweet and salt.it reminds me of beef or chicken bouillion.finish has black pepper and some subtle mint.very good!

Burrito Fiestero Joven

Jul 15, 2020

very mild and gentle spirit.great as an evening opener.my review is in step with the others here.slight fruit candy notes like jolly rancher mixed with cotton candy.the finish is short and not too much depth.not much smoke.the nose is exactly what you get on the palate.not 5 star but very mellow and great flavor.bargain price and good quality.

Hacienda de Chihuahua Sotol Añejo

Jul 13, 2020

sotol shares some of the same flavors as mezcal but is more of a medicinal herbal flavor to me.this brand is a low abv but sotols still pack alot of flavor.this is a summer favorite and it is a light spirit.lots of medicinal herbs with brown sugar and some anise and very slight bitter finish.perfect for warm summer sipping.comparable to the finest anejo tequilas but much deeper.price is a steal.

Del Maguey San Luis del Rio Azul

Jul 10, 2020

i love dm mezcals.this one is not my favorite but still mabey a notch above averge.to sum it up,it is a watered down version of the standard san luis del rio (espadin) which is a favorite.almost the exact notes but thinner and not as full.the rarity is the reason for the price.the espadin version cost much less and is twice the spirit.

El Jolgorio Arroqueño

Jul 7, 2020

i waited to review this one.i had purchased a bottle about a year ago and was not impressed with the first tasting.it was good but was dark,heavy and the smoke would dominate any other flavors.about a month ago i tried it again but this time i let the pour sit out for a few hours and it really paid off! the dark qualities remained but the mid palate exploded with tropical fruit and brown sugar.it reminded me of the fruit pies that you could get at the fast food joints all those years ago but with a darker flavor.the finish was slightly short with plenty of smoke.it would have been a 5 star if the finish was a little longer.delicious!

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