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Creador Espadin Capon

Mar 19, 2023

Aromas of cotton candy and sweet corn. Some interesting flavors of adobe-cooked veggies with a green chili sauce. There is also a Fruit Roll-Ups “grainy fruit” thing going on. Everything from José Alberto has been super interesting. Batch JAEC1122.

Santa Pedrera Mezcal

Mar 18, 2023

Very straightforward cheap Espadin. Dry sugar, agave, alcohol. Bit reminiscent of white rum. Not terrible, probably fine in cocktails. 46%, Lote: 030-SP/2019.

La Remilgosa Sotol Texanum

Mar 14, 2023

This is a very “sotol-y” sotol. Dank brown grass, old lime syrup, dunder heavy rum-ness. This is the real deal. Nothing refined about it – a wild distillate. This is Dasylirion texanum made in Durango and I’m still discovering the differences between this type of sotol versus plants like D. wheeleri made in Chichihuahua. Makes me excited to visit Durango someday. If you like the funky stuff this is a must-try.. not for the Lenny Kravitz’ of the world. Lot 202203, 51%.

Aguerrido Cupreata – Don Refugio

Mar 5, 2023

Really yummy approachable mezcal. Dry blueberry 7UP with a touch of copper. Some caramel and fruit jam. This was a 250ml Aguerrido Don Refugio Cupreata bottle purchased in Mexico (seems appropriate to leave a review on this page); this was actually a bottle that Mezcaloteca put their label over the original back label. “Madurado en Vidrio” on the neck of the bottle. Batch 02PAPSALA-21, distilled in 2017, 51% ABV.

La Niña del Mezcal Bacanora

Mar 1, 2023

Seems like Bacanora is one of the hardest to find agave spirits. This is a super old batch. Smells like cotton candy. Notes of orange “fancy” toothpaste, buttercream, slight sour finish. Batch B002, bottle 909/1000, 48%.

La Venenosa Azul

Feb 23, 2023

Kind of muted flavors at first. However I’m sipping this after some higher ABV mezcals so that might not be fair. It has some rustic raicilla cheese funk which is awesome. Greek yogurt clean lactic notes. Definitely a fan just try it earlier in the evening. The price is a bit high but it’s also one of the most unique batches of agave spirits that you’ll ever encounter. Date 01-2000, lot 3, bottle 4-500.

Don Mateo El Legado

Feb 23, 2023

A special batch that is super approachable and delicious. Notes of sweet pine, Red Hots candy coating, Sunny D, and rock candy. Would be fun to try this next to their regular Cupreata release. If you see it, try it.

Banhez Pechuga de Pavo

Feb 18, 2023

Spicy anise. Orange marmalade. Honestly there is an odd note that reminds me of ‘con gusano’ mezcal. A bit of gin notes as well. An interesting sip but don’t pay too much. Batch BA0020PEC21, date 11/20, bottle 12/720. Sipped at Fight Club in DC.

Agave Mixtape Espadin – Felipe Cortes

Feb 9, 2023

Rockin’ Espadin. Probably flew through this 200ml bottle faster than any Mixtape offering ever released. There is something special about a good Espadin in the age of basic sub-43% celebrity Espadin mezcals. Looking at you “two guys”!

The full flavor of this Espadin (at 50.2%) is incredible because of the complexity of flavors. The “high” proof doesn’t overbear any part of this distillate. Big notes of powered sugar, salt, and lime rind. This is delicious.

Cuish Tepextate – Reina Sanchez

Feb 2, 2023

After tasting 5-6 different batches of Reyna’s Tepeztate over the years, overall I’ve enjoyed the ones released by Cuish the most. During a visit to the original Cuish Mezcalerlia in 2017, we tried a 2016 batch and I purchased a bottle (#55/57, 50%). That set a high Tepeztate bar early on in my mezcal exploration. It was exploding with peppery agave goodness.

Later a good mezcalerbro gifted me batch TE/20-X1 (bottle 29/180, 50%) and it is nearly up there with that 2016 batch. Notes of fresh Doublemint gum, sour apples, sweet banana peppers. It is a high rating and not all batches are the same, but a good one is an easily a Top 10 of all time for me.

Lamata Lamparillo

Jan 31, 2023

Still haven’t had a bad Lamparillo mezcal. Very interesting with some subtle vegetal notes. There’s almost a burnt peppercorn green bean thing happening. Zack is def spot on with the anise. For me it’s not overpowering but it is very much there on the finish like a gin.

Sipped at Tacos Güey in NYC. Pepe Simental Is listed as the Maestro Vinatero. Lot: LAM-S 12-1-2020 (80 L)

Mal Bien Espadin – Antonio Sonido

Jan 25, 2023

Bomb Espadin. Sugary spearmint cream soda with a bit of vanilla spice / white chocolate. Bit of red apple skin. Finish leaves a note of milk chocolate in your mouth. Delicious destilado.

Maguey Melate Mexicano – Fortunato Hernandez

Jan 24, 2023

After spending an afternoon with Fortunado, I’m probably a bit biased. To Jonny’s point, it opens up quite a bit after letting it sit. I get an interesting mix of Milk Duds on the front palate with a dry cinnamon finish. This spicy dry finish cools a bit after it opens up more. Lot FOR-MEX-001.

Rey Campero Chato

Nov 28, 2022

Have sipped this a few times over the years and moderately enjoyed it. Finally getting into an old sample. This is better than the regular RC Tobala release. Lots of organic green notes, green bean pods, watery papaya, ash, and orange peppers. August 2016 – Moreno’s exclusive batch, 49.6%.

5 Sentidos Espadin-Tobaziche

Nov 17, 2022

Admittedly haven’t gotten super into Tío Pedro batches but this is incredible and stands shoulder to shoulder with the best clay pot mezcals in Santa Catarina Minas. Dried peaches, gummy candy, burnt oranges. The line between agaves is blurred into clay sweetness. Batch ESTBZ05-19, 51.03%. 4.5 stars.

Batch ESTBZ06-19, 48.61% is more citric and bitter. Tastes hotter than the 50%+ batch. 3.5 stars.

Agua del Sol Espadin – Pedro Garcia Sernas

Nov 3, 2022

Solid Espadin. Light cotton candy. Dry mint. Salt. Grapefruit rind. Batch: V/2020

Maguey Melate Tepextate / Cuixe – Flavio Cesar

Nov 1, 2022

Honestly can’t remember when or why I bought this 375ml bottle. It is definitely an interesting combo of agaves. However, I don’t dig it that much. The notes are a bit sour and rancid like old wet leaves. A few reviewers have noted “paint” which is definitely accurate.. like the smell of a freshly opened paint can. I’m not super opposed to it but also not keen on it. I’ll keep it around to share with friends – still an interesting ensamble. FLA-ENS-001 batch.

Mazot Palmilla

Oct 27, 2022

There is some minty zest here and some odd green vegetal notes like Aloe with wet hay. Overall very mint veggie heavy with a touch of anise. Oh boy, shouldn’t have read the menthol cigs note from Jonny – can’t stop thinking about it now. Definitely a “sotol” that should be sought out and sampled. The Mazot line is a great representation of what Sonora has to offer. The Lote area on the bottle isn’t filled out, 47%.

Clande Sotol (Red)

Oct 25, 2022

In honor of the Lenny Kravitz takeover I’m cracking my old-ish bottle of Don Lalo’s Sotol. Currently wearing sunglasses while writing this review – it is no longer the mid-90s but I guess this is still really cool (especially standing near a bottle of sotol).

Well dang, the juice.. this is some wild stuff. I remember tasting the “red” back in the ‘ol Clade day and had mixed feelings. This is a left turn from Agavetown. There is wet mulch, tart berries, parsley, anise, and al dente green beans. Overall a vegetal and terroir driven Sotol which will never see the likes of day again!.. since it is now being watered down to 43%. Times they are a ching changin’ ($$$) — never thought it would happen this quick to a Sotol producer like this one. Try this or Don Lalo’s Sotoleros bottles if you see them! There are other sotols I like more than this one but you cannot deny the unique and complex sabores de la naturaleza de Chihuahua in this spirit.

Batch: March 2019, 50.3% ABV, Lot 4, 97 liters, glass rested.

Maguey Melate Chuparrosa

Oct 20, 2022

Oh boy, the infamous Chuparrosa from MM. To be fair, Maguey Melate has a strong track record, especially in 2022 – a year of killer subscription releases. I bought this 375ml bottle in the doldrums of 2020. Why? Because the agave species sounded badass and the label looked cool, what could go wrong? Well, after ~2 years and finally opening it.. it’s not the worst. Honestly it is kinda perfect for your friend’s friend that loves “smoky tequila”. I’ll probably use this and drop 0.5oz into a cocktail here and there. Or share it with your friend’s friend. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. What is great about MM is that they consistently explore, experiment, and then ship interesting stuff direct.

What about the tasting notes? Ok, well.. imagine a cotton candy machine outside of an oil spill set ablaze. Hot chemicals with a faint sugar finish.

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