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5 Sentidos Blanco

Cinco Sentidos Blanco (agave Americana) was an 80-liter limited release for West Lakeview Liquors in Chicago, Illinois.

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Category:Destilado de Agave
Brand:5 Sentidos
Mezcalero:Isaac Cruz
Distillation:Clay Pot, Copper
Town:San Juan Bautista
Batch size:71 bottles
Release year:2018
About this destilado de agave

5 Sentidos Blanco is distilled from a giant unclassified varietal of the agave Americana species. This was the second of three releases to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Chicago’s West Lakeview Liquors. 80 liters of agave Blanco were distilled in a copper-clay hybrid still in the tropical town of San Juan Bautista Jayacatlan by maestro mezcalero Isaac Cruz, who was not previously exported to the US. Like many mezcaleros in Jayacatlan, Isaac ferments his cooked agave in small clay pots prior to distillation.

5 Sentidos

5 Sentidos is named after the five senses that their mezcaleros use to produce their agave spirits. The producers of this mezcal do not use any model machinery or tools, being guided only by their senses throughout the production process. The brand was launched by El Destilado restaurant in centro Oaxaca. The restaurant is known for it's creative menu, unique cocktails, and exception agave spirits. The brand is a curated tour of Mexico with a wide range of expressions that are made by some of the best mezcaleros in the region. Cinco Sentidos is uncertified mezcal and is labeled as "Destilado de Agave".

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2 reviews

4.3 of out 5 stars



10 reviews
5 months ago

That I enjoyed this less than the Sierra Negra and the Jabali/Tobala is no slight to this spirit; it’s very good, but not quite at their level to my taste. I get spring rain and floral notes on the nose, with a savory, roasted agave palate, and a smooth, moderately smoky residue. Really cool journey through the sip. Overall, a really good mezcal made with a fairly rare agave (and a massive one, if you’ve looked at their website, at that).

5 months ago

Another winner from 5 Sentidos. More grassy/herbaceous than some of their other offerings, but dances on the tongue like a tobaziche or madre. Finish is burlap sack, green onions, and fruit

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