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5 Sentidos Tobala

Cinco Sentidos Tobala is made during La Canicula, the brief couple weeks when it does not rain in the middle of the rainy season.

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Category:Destilado de Agave
Brand:5 Sentidos
Mezcalero:Alberto Martinez
Distillation:Clay Pot
Town:Santa Catarina Albarradas
About this destilado de agave

5 Sentidos Tobala is made by Alberto Martinez during “La Canicula,” which is a brief dry period that takes place in the middle of the rainy season each year. The first batch of this was just 112 litres (made in July 2018), which was made with 116 mature agave Tobala (Potatorum) that were wild harvested from 7,500 feet above sea level in the mountains of Santa Catarina Albarradas, Oaxaca. Alberto and his son-in-law Reynaldo cook the Tobala in an underground conical oven with encino oak for six days. They then hand mash the cooked agave with wooden mallets, mix it with spring water and ferment the agave in underground stone tanks with “encino de agua” bark for four days. The resulting “tepache” and mash are then double distilled in small clay pots. Read about our visit with maestro mezcalero Alberto Martinez in the blog post Cinco Sentidos and El Destilado

5 Sentidos

5 Sentidos is named after the five senses that their mezcaleros use to produce their agave spirits. The producers of this mezcal do not use any model machinery or tools, being guided only by their senses throughout the production process. The brand was launched by El Destilado restaurant in centro Oaxaca. The restaurant is known for it's creative menu, unique cocktails, and exception agave spirits. The brand is a curated tour of Mexico with a wide range of expressions that are made by some of the best mezcaleros in the region. Cinco Sentidos is uncertified mezcal and is labeled as "Destilado de Agave".

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5 reviews

4.7 of out 5 stars



5 reviews
1 month ago

Great Tobala. Do not know the number, first Batch in 2020, i bought it in Santa Catarina Albarradas. Fruits and than a lot more…



352 reviews
1 year ago

An amazingly savory and sweet mezcal. Flavors of brown butter and chicory coffee along with orange marmalade. Maestro Alberto’s signature flavors from his small clay pots and the “encino de aqua” bark are here in full elegance. Ordered multiple pours of this Tobala during the 5 Sentidos Texas launch at King Bee in Austin and bought a bottle soon after. Lot TB01-18



126 reviews
1 year ago

TB03-18. The last Mezcal we tasted at the end of a long incredible tasting, and what a finale! It reminded us both of Thanksgiving dinner, so savory! Roasted agave, buttered yams, gravy, vanilla, cinnamon, and green olives. This one is special.

1 year ago

Same fruit that I got from the Papalometl. Almost the same mezcal to me. Fruit and more fruit…



361 reviews
1 year ago

Batch TB01-18. Wow! This thing is bursting at the seams with flavor and aroma. Notes of plantains, apricots, cherries, and strawberries on the nose. The palate is incredibly soft and delicate, like holding the hand of a newborn. Tasting notes of caramel, toasted fennel, honey, molasses, and butter melted in brown sugar. All finely settled and arranged on the palate. This is really exquisite and a must try.

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