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Legendario Domingo Ensamble

Legendario Domingo Ensamble is made in Pie de la Meza, Michoacan. It has notes of hazelnut and toasted peanuts, almonds and pine, green apples, and ripe pineapple.

About this mezcal

Legendario Domingo Ensamble is made from wild agave Cenizo (Americana Sahuayenses) and agave Alto (Inaequidens) in Michoacan, Mexico. It is distilled in a filipino alembic still by José Valente Velasco and his family. This release is in addition to their Espadin from Oaxaca and their Cupreata from Guerrero.

Legendario Domingo Mezcal

Legendario Domingo Mezcal releases a variety of different mezcal, but only the Espadin is currently exported from Mexico. Their other small-batch single varietal mezcals are all meant for local consumption. Their mezcal is produced using tradition methods and distilled in a copper still in San Luis del Rio, Oaxaca.

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9 months ago

Batch MICHEX-03. Bottle 023/516. Notes of dark fruit and perfume. Hints of indica and fresh dark dank bud. Plums, mango, papaya. Fruity and full. Additional notes of pepper and butterscotch on the finish.

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