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Leyenda Durango

Leyenda Durango has floral aromas that mix with leather and wet clay. The flavor is buttery with notes of coriander and fruit.

Rating: (3 reviews)
Brand:Leyenda Mezcal
Mezcalero:Ventura Gallegos
Town:Nombre de Dios
ABV: 47%
Website: www.mezcalesdeleyenda.com
About this mezcal

Leyenda Durango is made by mezcalero Ventura Gallegos, whose family has been producing mezcal for many generations.  This mezcal is part of a co-op of mezcal producers, in a town called Nombre de Dios. This mezcal has floral aromas that mix with leather and wet clay.  The flavor is buttery with notes of coriander and fruit. This is a display of the agave’s terroir, which includes almost desert like conditions where the agave grows among lava rocks.

Leyenda Mezcal

Mezcales de Leyenda believes they can improve some of the most marginalized communities in Mexico. They implement the best fair trade practices where they work, and they have many efforts in agave sustainability. Their mezcals come from the different mezcal-producing states. They also have some special edition, small-batch mezcals.

3 reviews

3 of out 5 stars

LosMuertos on Jul 11, 2018

30 reviews

  • Overall:

Quite aromatic and floral. Black berry, banana, black pepper, molten leafs and dried meat. White chocolate and violets on the palate. Quite complex even though it’s not my personal favourite.

Scent: 3/5
Mouthfeel: 3/5

Tyler on Nov 30, 2016

210 reviews

  • Overall:

Fruity on the nose, this mezcal from Durango is different than what you’ll taste from Oaxaca. It’s a very light mezcal on the palate with notes of honey, butter, fruit, rosewater, and citrus.

Jonny on Nov 30, 2016

227 reviews

  • Overall:

Somewhat buttery with notes of sour apples and vinegar on the nose. The mezcal is light and easy to drink. It doesn’t linger too long. Its buttery taste is signature for this region and is enjoyable. There’s a subtle saltiness that I also enjoy in this mezcal.

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