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Maguey Melate Espadin de 1999

Maguey Melate Espadin de 1999 was produced by Mezcalero Agustin Guendelain Maya’s father Toribio Guendelain Jiminez in March 1999.

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Brand:Maguey Melate
Mezcalero:Toribio Guendelain Jiminez
Town:San Luis Amatlan
ABV: 51%
Age of plant: 6 years
Batch size: 430 liters
Release year: 2021
Website: https://www.magueymelate.com/, opens in new window

About this mezcal

Maguey Melate Espadin de 1999 was released separately from the Mezcalero of the Month Club. This Espadin was produced in San Luis Amatlan, Oaxaca in 1999. Mezcalero Agustin Guendelain Maya was one of Maguey Melate’s first suppliers. This special batch of mezcal was made by Augustin’s father, Toribio Guendelain Jiminez in March 1999 from 6-year-old wild harvested Maguey Espadin (Agave angustifolia). After roasting underground for 10 days, the cooked magueys were crushed with a stone tahona. They were rested for 4 days as dry fermentation began. Next, they were fermented for 7 days in wooden vats. The result was double distilled in copper pots before being rested in drums for more than 21 years. K&L Wines in California acquired the last few liters of the original 430-liter batch.

Maguey Melate

Maguey Melate was founded on two ideas: 1) Artisanal agave spirits are amazing and should be shared with the world, and 2) The faster-cheaper economy is a harmful force for people, the environment, and now agave spirits.

They believe if mezcal (and agave spirits) can be understood and appreciated at its full potential, people will show their preference for quality artisanal mezcal that is sustainably and fairly sourced. By raising consumer consciousness on the origins of mezcal and educating enthusiasts on matters of quality and character, informed people will be empowered to ensure the future of mezcal. To do this, they’re reaching a large audience with an impactful message: KEEP MEZCAL ARTISANAL!

Maguey Melate is perhaps most well-known for their Mezcalero of the Month Club, which delivers artisanal small-batch agave spirits directly to the doors of consumers in the US and Mexico. In addition to the monthly spirits, they offer exclusive content and interviews with producers. Single releases are also available in the Maguey Melate shop.

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4.38 out of 5

4 reviews



385 reviews
Rated 4 out of 5 stars2 years ago


Wonderful papaya and old leather. Some pine. All muted but working together to make this one awesome. Mouthfeel is the best part. Coats the gums like a nice amaro.



234 reviews
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars2 years ago

This is “1999” by Prince, rockin. Minerals from Mihuatlan, dark fruit and minty. Great espadin.



713 reviews
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars2 years ago

Phenomenal Espadin! There’s a reason this maestro has been resting this 20+ years. Aromas of salted butter, grapefruit, orange cream, fruit punch, and spearmint. The palate is rich with good minerality and fruity elements. Notes of chalky minerals, fresh dates, red grapes, and jalapeno cream. The palate is a bit sticky, and opens up considerably. This is really nice. One of the better Espadins I’ve ever had.



219 reviews
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars2 years ago

One of my favorite Espadin’s of all time. Nose is soft and a bit creamy and floral/flowery. But man….the taste is a full mouth feel of complexities and intricacies and sweetness. Like raw sugar that’s flavored with candied fruit essence. The 21 year aging process definitely did some magic here. 51% but tastes like a 45%. Wow. 4.75 stars.
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